Apr 2, 2017

Subscription Fees For DSTV Would Be Increased By 1st May 2017

Despite the current economic state of our country Nigeria, organizations that provide us the services that we we need to bear the pain the economy is pushing to us have also joined in causing us pain and discomfort.

We complain of the high rate at which data is sold, instead of other cooperation's to help matters by reducing the cost of their services or at worst keeping it at the same level it was which we had been managing to pay for, rather what they do is increase the fees making it very hard for the masses to cope with.

DSTV sent text massages to their customers that they would be increase their subscription by 1st May 2017, that is on the 1st of next month.
This news isn't what anyone would want to hear, at least not now.
Considering the recession that the country is passing through i don't think anyone would want to continue paying for any service that one could live without once the fees are increased.

The Dstv customers however didn't just shutup and swallow the bone that is been pushed down their throats, they spoke up in Twitter and in a very loud voice too. The customers made it know that they weren't happy with the increment of fees at this time that everybody is struggling to even have enough to carter for their basic needs.

Dstv has also informed the public that they can only avoid the new subscription if they subscribe for one year in advance, that way their fees wouldn't be due by the time the increase would be implemented.

With what Dstv said about avoiding the new price by subscribing for one year, I am of the thought that they said that in order to get more money in a very short while since the offer would make lots of people want to pay in advance and avoid paying at the new rate.
But what could Dstv need this huge inflow of money for? I never heard they were in debt, well this is Nigeria for us and we the citizens can't change a lot of things but am very glad the customers showed their dissatisfaction openly.



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