Sep 30, 2017

Top 5 VPN Apps For Free Browsing Two Years Ago

Top 5 VPN Apps - doesn't that ring a bell? How fast time flies. In the tech world, we seem not to notice much about the speed at which time passes, probably because we are too busy with our gadgets that we don't even have the time to think about time.
However, there are things we recall that makes us understand that time really flies, those things that seemed as though it was just yesterday that we had used them but discover it's been over a year.

Top VPN apps

I want to take us back to the last two years in the free browsing world, the years which we really enjoyed the best of imei tweaks and VPN free browsing cheats.
I wouldn't forget about those times in a short while because it was then that I came into blogging technology, it was really fun, it was an adventure.

Speaking about those times, I mean the last two years (2016 - 2015). We enjoyed lots of free browsing tweaks, all the thanks to the developers of those apps that enabled us to use the tweaks. This is why I decided to refresh our memory on some of the apps we used those years, the apps that made free browsing a reality.
I want to talk about 5 top VPN apps of which I believe anybody that was present with technology sites in the last two years would know about. If you are new to the tech world you may not know any of the apps I would list or you may know of their modified versions. But trust me, the originals were really the best.



The best of its kind, no VPN has simpler settings than this app.
All it required was just a server which it calls "Injection Host" and you're good to go.
It was truly worth remembering, I plan to use it for any new free browsing which requires a VPN app.

Simple Android Server;

simple server for android

The King of all VPN apps, the most used and stable of apps during its time.
It was very simple to setup and use not until it got updated to the latest version called "Netloop" that has more complex settings but still efficient.

Psiphon 88 Handler;

Psiphon VPN

Sounds familiar? That's because it is still in use though not this particular version.
Psiphon 88 was the initial version of Psiphon app before it got updated to version 91 and all other versions that we use now, It was from it that "Psiphon Pro Lite" was made.
I liked it for its simplicity but I now prefer the Pro Lite version.

Mobile Uncle Tools;

mobile uncle

This is one spectacular app that is endowed with many features such as stabilizing your network, backup and restore of your NVRAM and Imei, Testing of device touchscreen, Bluetooth, SD Card, and sensor.
However many of us only used the imei tweaking feature of the app and it was truly the best though there is now a simpler app that performs the same function, read about it here.

PDANet Tethering App;


All the other apps I've listed here allows you browse free on your Android device either by VPN or by imei tweaking but this pdanet app allows you use the free browsing cheats on your PC. You may have known that you can't just tether a free browsing to your PC as it won't work however with this app, we used and still use free browsing tweaks meant for only Android devices on our PC, See how to use this app.

These apps are really worth keeping in the record. I started my free browsing journey with them and fortunately, they've updated into cooler versions with a better interface.
I love apps, at least that's why am "Confy Scenty". Contechs Blog says so.



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  1. I am using ivacy vpn and it is the best so far. Its cheap and effective.


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