May 13, 2017

Benefits Of MTN Startpak Tariff Plan

MTN Startpak is a tariff plan that has lots of benefits, though there are lots of tariffs with good offers on the MTN network this 2017, the Startpak tariff still offers a lot more with a mouth watering 500% recharge bonus.

Best 2017 MTN Tariff Plan

The MTN tariff plan is a tariff that comes on every new MTN line by default, it is a bonus you enjoy for buying a new sim.
It offers you a 500% bonus on every recharge of N100 and above, which means you get an extra N500 on every N100 recharge and N1000 on every N200 recharge.

This allows you use your airtime for any data subscription while you make use of the bonus airtime​ for calls.
You should also note that you won't be allowed opt into this plan once you've​ opted it, so it's either you're in or you go out forever, seems​ much like Google Adsense anyways.
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All About MTN Startpak Tariff

• All new MTN Sims are on this plan by default

• It gives a 500% bonus on every recharge

• The bonus is valid for 7 Days

• Call charge per sec is not too high though higher than some other MTN tariffs that doesn't offer any bonus.

• The bonus airtime is not transferable and can't be used for data purchase, just calls (but you can purchase data worth the amount of airtime you recharged).

• Your airtime balance does not expire with the bonus

• You can't opt in to the plan once you've opted out

• Older Sims that were bought before this plan was made available can't opt into it, you require a new Sim.

That's all about the MTN Startpak Tariff, if you're already on it and love the offers you enjoy then you better not switch to any other plan, else you won't be able to come back to it . See you soon.



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