May 27, 2017

Etisalat 100% Double Data Bonus On EasyCliq Breakfree

Etisalat introduced their 100% double data bonus to compete with that of other networks, their data bonus bonus is not the only benefit of the breakfree offer (as they call it), there are other bonuses on the package that would be useful for voice call lovers too.

Etisalat 100% Double Data Bonus

There are three classes of bonuses on the etisalat breakfree offer of which only one would be of interest to an internet freak while the other plans are meant for people that make more calls than browse or download.

The packages available on the breakfree offer are classified into 3:

  1. 350% Voice Bonus
  2. 250% Voice Bonus
  3. 100% Data Bonus
How Etisalat Breakfree Offers Work

1. 350% Bonus:

  • 350% bonus on every recharge of N100 and above
  • Recharges below N100 gives 250% bonus for on-net calls at 50k/s
  • Bonus can only be used for on-net calls (To Etisalat Lines)
  • Valid for 7days.

2. 250% Bonus
  • 250% bonus on every recharge of N100 and above
  • Recharges below N100 gets a 150% bonus
  • Bonus is divided for on-net and off-net calls
  • Valid for 7days.
3. 100% Data Bonus
  • 100% data bonus on data bundles of 50MB to 500MB
  • Main data usable anytime while bonus data is only usable between 10:30PM to 5:00AM
  • Data bonus not available when you purchase discounted data bundles like Social Me, etc.
  • Bonus data is valid for 7days.
Steps To Activate Etisalat Bonus Packages
  1. Dial *244*1# to migrate to Easycliq
  2. Dial *545# and select your preferred bonus package and you're done.

You may not like these bonus packages when you consider the high call rates, i also do not see any reason why the bonus data should only be used at such odd hours.
Telecom networks in Nigeria never gives us anything for free, behind every free package there is always a charge, why would anyone get too excited about this double data offer that is only usable at almost the time when Night plans on all networks gets into effect for a cheaper price.



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