May 27, 2017

Huawei Nova 2 Specifications - Price Updated In China, Nigeria, USA

Huawei is set to release has released the Huawei Nova 2 smartphone with better specs than it's last year predecessor. It is expected to come It came with bigger Ram, better Camera and Battery and of course more price.

Hauwei Nova 2 Plus

This Huawei Nova 2 device is undoubtedly going to be a flagship or better still an high end device judging from it's specifications.
Though the phone has not yet been released we believe it's going to come with a 5.2 inches IPS display This phone has a 5.0 inches LCD display and would runs on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat OS with it's MIUI 5.1 interface.
It launched with features as 4G LTE, a Rear-mounted Fingerprint scanner, USB OTG and USB Type-C port, etc.

It would also features fast battery charging support to power up it's supposed non-removable Lipo Battery. The battery capacity is yet to be placed a finger on though it is expected to be The battery is 2950mAh and is bigger than that of last year's device.

Hauwei Nova 2 Price in China, Nigeria, USA

It would run on an Octa-core processor that is supposedly going to be of a Mediatek chipset, Ram would be 3GB with 32GB of internal memory or 4GB with 64GB internal memory.
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Rear Camera quality is rumored to be a Dual 12MP while Front is 20MP.
Expect this phone in two variants, one with a single nano slot and the other with a dual nano sim slot.

Price is yet to be decided but would be available before the device is launched, Fingers crossed.

Huawei Nova 2 is currently sold for around 2,500 CNY (Chinese Yuans), which is equivalent to 118,516 Naira and 364.67 Dollars.

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