May 15, 2017

How To Increase Internal Storage On Android Marshmallow With SD Card - Root Not Required

This is how to increase the internal storage of any Android marshmallow device using an SD card, this would enable you to store as many apps as you want without getting notified of a low internal memory. You can do this right from your android device without using a PC or any 3rd party software.

Android marshmallow features

If you use lots of applications on a phone that doesn't have a very large internal memory you would find out that after some time a low memory notification starts to appear, this means you won't be able to install more apps and if you must, then you have to uninstall the old ones.

The fun of using an Android phone is having lots of apps on it, that's what android is known for.
Android is the operating system with the highest number of apps because it is open-source which allows any developer to develop an application for it.
Android has different app options for any purpose unlike iOS which most of the times has just one application for a particular purpose, this is one of the reasons most people choose the Android operating system over iOS.
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Back to the topic, unlike previous versions of Android, android marshmallow allows you increase your internal storage with an sd card in order to store more apps, you do not require root access or any 3rd party software to do this because it is officially supported by all marshmallow devices.

All it requires is a device running on Android Marshmallow (6.0, 6.1 etc) and an SD card with good read/write speed (class 8 or 10 is preferable).
You also have to make sure the memory card to be used is original so you don't lose files stored on it, Am using a SanDisk sd card for mine and it's working really great, I tried some other brands before and they were all giving me errors so you have to make sure your SD card is good.
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Follow the procedures below to successfully mount your SD card as an internal storage and store more apps.

how to move android system apps to sd card

How To Increase Internal Memory With SD Card On Android Marshmallow

1. Insert your original Sd card and turn on your device.

2. Once your device is booted, drag down the notification bar and expand the "New SD Card Found" notification.

3. Click on "Set Up" from the expanded notification options.

4. You would see two sd card set up options which are i. Use as Portable storage, and ii. Use as Internal storage , Check the "Use as Internal storage option and click Next to continue.

How to set up sd card on android marshmallow

 5. The mounting process would begin, you may receive a warning that your sd card is slow - though it would work but may be slow to access files and programs stored on it.
You can decide to continue or quit the process now, you would only receive this notification if you're not using a fast or original sd card.

Best memory cards for android marshmallow

 6. Once the process is completed you would be asked whether to transfer your data from your internal memory to your new adopted storage.
I advice you to do this only if you didn't receive the slow sd card warning, else you should choose Move Later option.

7. You have successfully used your sd card as an internal storage and can now download and install as many applications as you want, however, there are still some vital things you need to check and set up.

NOTE: Make sure you backup your SD card before proceeding with the above process because it would be formatted and you may lose valuable files if you don't back them up.
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How To Check And Fix Adoptable Storage Issues On Android Marshmallow

That the internal mounting process of your sd card on your android device was completed successfully does not mean all is well, you have to verify that the memory information of the sd card shows up in the storage settings of your phone, the best android fix you can perform is by following these easy steps.

1. Go to your phone's "Settings" and select the "Storage & USB" option.

How to fix corrupted SD Card

2. You should now see both your phones internal storage information and your newly mounted adoptable storage.

If your SD card information shows as "Corrupted" it means the SD card is not supported or may not be original, the SD card might work as a portable storage but can not be used as an internal storage and you may have to search for how to fix corrupted SD cards.
This usually happens with fake and slow SD cards that gave the slow SD warning during the internal mounting process.

3. If your SD card displays correctly without errors you can go ahead and make it your default storage by following these steps;
Click on the SD Card from the storage settings
• Touch your options button and select the
"Migrate Data" option
• You would see the amount of data that would be migrated, click Next to continue.
The data migration may take a few minutes or more, it all depends on the size of the data being migrated.
• Once the migration is complete your SD card would be displayed as your Default write disk and apps would begin to save data files on it by default.

That's all about setting up your SD card as an adoptable storage to increase the internal memory of your android marshmallow device.
Take a few minutes to check out the precautions below to avoid stories that touch, such as bricking or making your device go into a boot-loop.

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• Only use a quality SD card with good write/read speed so it doesn't slow down your device performance.

• Backup your files to a PC or flash drive before proceeding with the process because all your files would be deleted during the mounting.

• Once your SD shows as Corrupted after mounting it as Internal storage, do not remove it from the device until you've remounted it as a portable storage.

• An SD Card that has been mounted as an adoptable storage on an android marshmallow device won't work on any other device, not even a PC.

Don't ever remove your SD card from your device once it has been mounted as internal storage and selected as the default write disk, if you wish to remove it then be sure to remove it as Internal storage following the procedure below.

Android Fix

How To Safely Un-mount Your SD As Internal Storage And Remove It From Your Android Device

1. Go to Settings and click on Storage & USB
2. Click Internal Storage and touch your options key to display the available selections.
3. From the options displayed select "Migrate Data" and follow the on-screen instructions to complete.

Fix bootloop on android marshmallow

4. Now go back and click on the SD Card, Tap the options key and select "Format as Portable", follow the instructions displayed to complete the process.
5. You can now switch off your device and take out the memory card and use it on any other device.

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