May 14, 2017

Glo Increased Price Of Their Data Subscription Because Of The 0.0k 2017 Free Browsing Cheat

What else do you want me to say?, Glo increased the price of their data bundle subscription without telling customers the reason why they did it, You all are aware that the Glo 0.0k free browsing cheat is still blazing and for Glo to increase their bundle rate that means they are indirectly telling their customers to go and use the 0.0 2017 free browsing.

Latest Glo 0.0 Free Browsing Settings

The Glo free browsing is over a year old now yet we haven't seen any sign of it been blocked anytime soon, most of us have used a large amount of data with this cheat and it is still blazing.
What record does glo even want to set by doing this? The network with the most lasted free browsing cheat or what? That would really be insane.

The fact that they didn't bother to stop the unlimited 0.0 cheat that has reduced the number of customers that subscribe on the network rather they went ahead to increase the price of their data plans is an action i am yet to find a reasonable excuse for.
I've known about the increment since last month but i wasn't able to talk about it because i was lost in the thought of finding a reason why the Glo would take such a regrettable step.

Cheapest glo subscription 2017
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You and i know Glo has the slowest internet speed in most parts of the country, though before the increment they had the cheapest data plans which made some few persons still purchase their bundles, at least it saves them some money at the expense of their time due to the slow internet connection the network provides.

Since i had about this increase in data price, a question has been running through my mind and this is "Who is going to buy this data plans at this new price considering the network issues of Glo?", an answer keeps coming up "Nobody would buy".
I just hope they go through their analytics and compare of the number of people who bought their data plans before the increase with the number of people who bought the plans after the increase, then and only then would they know the effect of this price increment.

For those of you who are ready to keep browsing without having to pay more on the Glo network, use the links below and enjoy Glo 0.0 cheat on Tweakware, Stark VPN or UC Mini.

Disclaimer: This post is meant to alert the network it may concern about a long lasted loophole on it's server that needs to be fixed and not the other way round. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.



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