May 14, 2017

How To Pin Whatsapp Chats To Top With Latest Version Of The App

WhatsApp now allows​ you pin your most important chats to the top hereby saving you the stress of scrolling through other chats to find them. It is a very simple feature to use and doesn't require any technical knowledge, It is currently one of the most simple to implement whatsapp features.

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As i said earlier, this feature can be used to pin your most important chats to the top of the page, you can also use it to pin your favourite contact or group for easy access.
This feature has been around for some time and i believe most of you must have already known about it, for those who are yet to know how it works - this post explains it all.

How To Pin WhatsApp Chats On Android;

1. Open your WhatsApp application (Latest Version).

2. On the Chats menu, Click and Hold on the chat you want to pin to top.

3. A Pin icon would appear at the top of the page, Click on it to Pin the chat you held.
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4. The chat has been pinned successfully and would remain at the top no matter how long you don't chat with the contact.
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Am sure that was very easy, stay online as we bring you the latest tech info, tips and tutorials.



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