May 14, 2017

Easiest Method To Save WhatsApp Statuses On Your Phone

With the introduction of Whatsapp video and picture statuses, many are on the quest of how they can save these statuses on their phones after viewing them, This is the simplest way to save any status on your Android phone and watch them later.

Whatsapp tricks 2017

Am yet to find a  tangible reason why Whatsapp doesn't allow users save statuses from the menu by default, anyways we've got you covered with this hassleless method of saving those interesting, funny and important statuses to your gallery.

How To Save WhatsApp Status To Gallery;

1. Open your WhatsApp application and watch the status you want to save.

2. Close the Whatsapp and go to your File Manager

3. Click the options button and select "View Hidden Files"

4. Navigate to Whatsapp folder and open it,

5. Open the .Statuses folder which has a grayed out icon and you would find all the statuses you viewed in the last 24 hours.
How to view hidden files on android

6. Select and copy any status you want to save on your phone and paste it in your preferred folder outside the .statuses .

7. You have successfully saved the status to your phone and would be able to view it from your gallery anytime.

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