May 11, 2017

Linksys To Release Its First Modem / Router Hybrid Device

A networking company by name "Linksys" is set to release it's first modem / router hybrid device that combines both, though the company has been producing lots of routers and modems, this is the first time they are making a hybrid.

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With this device you wouldn't need a separate cable modem connected to a cable jack to output a wired Ethernet connection, and a router to take and convert the wired modem connection of the modem and transmit it as the wireless connection you use, cause you would get the functions of both the modem and router in this all in one hybrid device.

This kind of hybrid isn't new but this is the first from the Linksys company so much is expected of it in terms of performance and usability.
The AC1900 Cable Modem Router (Model name of the hybrid router/modem) would save you from having lots of cables and cords in your room just to get a wireless internet connection, It is a hybrid of a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem integrated with an AC1900 router, making it a very good choice for an all in one hybrid device, you would surely love this device for a lot of reasons.

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You should also checkout the Max-Stream EA9300, an 802.11ac networking router that would be launched along with the AC1900 cable modem router hybrid, it also supports other advanced technology features such as beam-forming, a quad-core processor for fast data transmission and support for Alexa voice controls. It is a mid-range wireless router and would sell for $300 when it's released.
More information would be provided on these devices if the need arises, have a blossom day ahead.



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