May 5, 2017

Whatsapp Adds New Design And Features - See Who Read Your Whatsapp Group Post

Whatsapp is updated regularly with new features like viewing who read your message in a group, this time they added some designs on android that may not be noticed until you look closely at the interface.

Whatsapp tips and tricks for android

I also found a feature of which i believe may not be new but is worth knowing, On a normal circumstance you are unable to know when a message you sent in a whatsapp group has been read or the number of people that read it.

While exploring the new whatsapp looks and interface i found a way that is used to know the number of users that has viewed your whatsapp group post, you would also know find out the number of people that has read the post.

How to know who read your whatsapp group post1. Click and hold the message you sent in the whatsapp group.
2. Touch the message info icon after the star message icon at the top of the page.
3. Your message would be displayed and you would also be shown the persons that has read it and those whom the message has been delivered to but who haven't opened it yet, it would display as the picture below.

Contechsblog Whatsapp Group

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If you look closely on the new design you would notice some changes in the layout, some of which are;

1. The Attachment button has been moved from the top to the bottom on the typing space. The message typing bar now has curved edges, see below for what i mean.

Whatsapp new features on android

2. The Voice Call and Video Call buttons have been separated, you no longer have to choose the type of call you want to make because the call options now has separate buttons.

How to video call on android

That's all for now, as usual let's keep our ears and eyes open for the latest info here and on our Whatsapp Group.
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