Jun 16, 2017

Domainking Coupon Code For N1101 Off .Com Domain

Coupon codes (promo codes) are codes used to reduce the price of some online services and goods which may include domains, hosting plans, scripts, plugins, etc.
Every company has it's coupon code which is made available to customers, these codes are used during checkout (payments) for the service or goods it is valid for.

Most coupon codes expire after a particular period of time while many others can only be used during your first purchase of that goods or service per account.
It is very easy to make use of coupons as they do not require any technical knowledge or skill, you input it into a box made available on the company's website for coupon codes during checkout of the product.

I posted a review of domainking and a coupon code that gives you 10% off hosting plans, i shared information of the prices of each of their top level domains, now i want to share with you a coupon code that will reduce the cost of purchasing a .com domain from them for N4100 to N2999, this coupon can be used only once.

Goto domainking.ng and search for any .com domain of your choice, add it to your cart and your total payment would be 4100 Naira, input DKNGCOM  in the promo code box and your payment would be reduced to 2999 Naira, Enjoy and also checkout Qservers Review and Promo Code (domainking's No. 1 competitor).



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