Jun 15, 2017

New Working Glo UC Mini Handler Settings For Unlimited Free Browsing

Finally a new working Glo free browsing settings and proxy website for UC Mini Handler is out.
Our previous setting is still working and you can use the new proxy server website provided here to download big files with it.

glo uc mini handler

Without wasting time, quickly get the following requirements ready and follow the procedure below to configure your UC Mini Handler VPN app for Glo unlimited browsing.

Glo line with 0.0 airtime and data balance
Download UC Mini Handler
✓ New Unlimited Proxy Website and Settings

New Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Settings

uc mini handler settings for glo

Device User-Agent:      Android
Web User-Agent:       Opera
Refferal Type:          Real Refferal
Handler Download Limit:      1000
Tick ∆ Remove Port
Proxy Type:     Real Host
Custom Header:     X-FACTOR-WEB
Proxy Server:        redirect.glo.com
Real Proxy Port:       80

glo new uc mini handler settings

Click Ok and Save.

How To Download With UC Mini Handler

1. Go to the file you want to download and hold on the download link, click on Page Info and copy the Link Url .
2. Visit www.securefor.com and paste the copied link on the box at the bottom of the page and click Go.
working proxy website for glo uc mini handler
3. Download options for the file would pop-up, if your file was renamed make sure to rename it to it's format before downloading e.g .MP4 for movies, . MP3 for music etc. That's all.



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  1. Wow thanks

  2. Has this stopped working?
    I noticed that it now connects and disconnects immediately, despite very strong network. Can you confirm what's happening?

    1. On the contrary, the settings are still working very well though the disconnection seems to be as a result of an unstable coverage in your location.

      You could also try this Glo Anonytun settings, it may be more stable for you than uc.

  3. Thanks for the prompt response 👍
    The UC is even more stable than the Anonytun. I use it normally, but since two days ago, it's been terrible. If I use a Glo line with subscription, the network is VERY fast, which is why I'm asking. Thank you

    1. I guess the network has some complications these days, I shall however tweak the settings and hope i get a better one.

  4. Alright, I'll be waiting for a response. Thank you

    1. Have you checked out the updated settings?

      It no longer disconnects as it used to.

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