Jun 3, 2017

Jamb Candidate Score Has Been Reduced On Different Results

News has it that a jamb candidate's score has been reduced from his initial score, this was made known by a Teacher whom posted it in an educational forum, He showed images of two Jamb results which belongs to the same person, the first result the candidate printed had a score of 243 while the second has a score of 184.

How to check Jamb result online

The teacher found it very hard to believe when his student cried to him about his changed result, am still finding it hard to believe too.
It was until the student presented the two results that the teacher felt he now has enough proof to post to it on the internet.

I've heard news of jamb threatening to remove 100 marks from participants whom were involved in exam malpractice results, but the marks that were removed in this case weren't up to the stipulated hundred.
Many say the second result is the original while the first he printed was fake but i have posted the pictures of both results so you too can tell us what you think about this, I just hope this isn't​ true.



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