Jun 27, 2017

Who Want To Be A Millionaire TV Show Discontinued

Who wants to be a millionaire is the popular Educational Quiz TV show that was launched in 2004 and proudly supported by MTN Nigeria and by that has made lots of people super rich, however news has been received that the show which is normally abbreviated as WWTBAM has been discontinued due to withdrawal of sponsors.

Who want to be a millionaire

We can't forget so soon how interesting this show has been for us all, the questions asked by Frank Edoho (WWTBAM Presenter) are something one won't forget in a short while because they were educative financially, socially and other wise.

This show was one that made some poor persons with good reasoning and knowledge rich beyond their greatest imagination, it is a show that sends you to the bank to withdraw a huge sum you never dreamt of, all for just answering some interesting quizzes.

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The 13th season of the show was just concluded before this sad news was made known to us by the presenter via their twitter handle, the point is that the show no longer has sponsors and they have other option than to take a break.

We would surely miss this show because it may not come back though we pray it does, but since no resumption date was given it means the show's coming back depends on a whole number of factors, take a look below at the twitter announcement made of the discontinuation.

Who wants to be a millionaire
who want to be a millionaire free online game

We the fans and those that has been financially uplifted by this show would surely miss it as who want to be a millionaire free online game comes to an end, It's been 13 years on this awesome project and now is time to say goodbye.



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