Jun 26, 2017

New MTN Data Bundle Plan Gives You 5GB For N2000

Get more data for just 2000 naira when you buy 4.2GB or 5GB bundle plan on MTN for the stated price with new holiday data deal.
You should also note that this MTN data bundle plan won't last for long, it may no longer be available after this holiday or probably by the weekend.

mtn data plan

On a normal day MTN's N2000 bundle gives you 3.5GB worth of data but with this holiday data deal which came just after Etisalat's N4000 bonus for N200 recharge you get an extra 1.5GB if you tweaked your imei for the MTN 20% data bonus, if you didn't tweak your imei for then you would get only 700MB extra data.

Tweaking your android phone's imei enables you get a 20-percent bonus for every data you buy excluding night plans, click here to get the imei number and also the steps to tweak it to your android phone.

Once you tweak the imei successfully a message would be sent to your phone confirming your eligibility for the bonus, you can now follow the steps dial the code below to get the free data bonus on your MTN line.

MTN 5GB For N2000 Data Bundle Code

To get the MTN 5GB for N2000 data offer dial *131*110#

mtn data bundles

Once successful your sim would be credited with 4.2GB data and a 20% bonus of 1.5GB hereby summing up to 5GB and Valid for 30days, I really hope that keeps you online while i work out a new browsing tweak.



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