Jun 4, 2017

You Can No longer Use Google Play Services On Rooted Android Devices

Rooting your android phone now posses a threat as you won't be able to use most Google play services on rooted devices, this is because the latest update of Google Play Console has an integrity test which every device must pass through to be allowed to use it, the sad news is that rooted devices can not pass this test.

how to use google play services on rooted android device

Rooting your android phone has lots of advantages of which we may not be able to enjoy our phones without, by rooting your phone you get access to files that are stored into the internal storage of your device, it also allows you perform lots of other functions which includes Tweaking of Imei for free datainstallation of Custom​ ROM and Recovery, backup of stock rom with MTK droid tools, Tunneling whole device internet connection with VPN apps, changing your boot animation and fonts, it also allows you overclock your CPU for better performance, etc.

Though the idea of blocking rooted android devices from Google play services has not been implemented in all applications, we truly know that it won't be an easy choice for us to make, whether to stop using Google play services or to unroot our phones, only time shall tell.

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Note that some devices that may not be rooted but falls into any of the categories below may not pass Google's integrity certification test.

1. Emulators (BlueStacks) etc.
2. Devices with Custom Tom
3. Devices without a certified identity
4. Phones with unlocked boot-loader
5. Phones that it's identity has been changed by tweaking. Etc.

Google isn't implementing this for implementation sake, it is for the security of we the consumers, this would protect your application from hack, malware and unauthorized users.
Nevertheless, there are alternatives to Google's services though Google seems to be the best, so if you're uncomfortable with the new terms you can make use of any a third party software while your device remains rooted.



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