Jul 16, 2017

Glo 8 Times Bonus When You Recharge Via E Top-Up

Glo is giving out 8 times bonus (8x) of subscribers recharge value in data and voice when they use the E Top-up recharge service, this bonus offer is available to both new and existing customers, it also applies to all the E top-up channels discussed below.

glo 8 times bonus

E Top-Up as they call it is a service that allows subscribers recharge their lines and those of family and friends without scratching a card, any form of online top-up is said to be E top-up with the "E" standing for "Internet".

You can use the E top-up service at ATMs, POS, Glo World outlets, Glo retail partners nationwide or by purchasing airtime online, it is also interesting to know that customers who recharge with via E top-up would receive all the benefits received when recharging with a recharge card and other special bonuses.
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The steps to recharge your line in a Glo outlet or a Retail Dealer is as follows:

  • Visit the Glo outlet or retailer you want to recharge from and pay the required amount
  • The Dealer/Sub or Retailer accesses the eTop-up recharge portal and inputs the phone number of the customer and amount to be recharged, the recharge value is immediately credited to the customer plus all the bonus offers due.
  • An SMS would be received by both the Dealer/Sub/Retailer and the subscriber confirming the successful recharge.
The limit to how much you can top-up with this service is yet to be known, though the minimum is 50.00 Naira.

Am sure it would be of your interest to know that Glo currently gives 8 times bonus to customers who recharges via any of the discussed E top-ups, the 8x bonus is credited to the subscriber's line once he recharges any of the following amounts via an eTop-up channel - N101, N201, N501, N1001, N2001, N2501, N3001, N5001, N10001, N20001, N50001, click here to learn more about the amount of data and voice bonus given on each recharge value from Glo's official website.



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