Jul 15, 2017

Receive Free N4000 From 9Mobile Nigeria (Etisalat NG)

It is no longer news that the Etisalat Nigeria we knew has recently changed her name to 9Mobile, this was as a result of the call off of the brand name in Nigeria by Etisalat International some days ago.

9Mobile Telecom

It is quite unfortunate that we would have to adapt and get used to this new name which doesn't sound too good to me, also the company "Etisalat" would be fully out of Nigeria in two weeks, then would our phones and devices begin showing the new name "9Mobile", am very sure my phone would miss the Etisalat brand as much as I would.

It's worth mentioning that Mr. Olusanya was appointed as chief executive officer of Etisalat Nigeria to oversee its transition, he was appointed this position because he was the one whom successfully and smoothly controlled Celtel's transition to Airtel, am very sure we've gotten the food for thought of this act.

Now let's talk more on the topic of this post, in honor of the transition, 9Mobile Telecom is giving out free 4000 Naira worth of voice and data bonus to customers whose lines have been dormant for 30days when they recharge with just 200 Naira., this seems to be very much similar to Airtel's 20x bonus offer.

How To Receive 9Mobile's 4000 Naira Bonus

  • Make sure your SIM has been dormant in the last 30days.
  • Recharge your line with 200 Naira.
  • You would be credited with 4000 Naira bonus with 1000 Naira being for voice calls and 3000 Naira worth of data.
  • You should receive a message like a screenshot below informing you of the bonus, click here to get the code for checking all data balances and bonus.
9mobile bonus

I pray we soon start seeing good data bundle plans and of course, free browsing cheats like the MTN Myapp, Etisalat 0.0 or even Glo unlimited cheat

I'm glad the Etisalat company wasn't totally taken out of Nigeria, instead, the brand name was changed to this awkward but adaptable phrase. My worry is not on what the network chooses to bear as her name though, as long as their service is efficient and reliable.



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