Jul 19, 2017

Glo Free Browsing Reloaded With Tweakware Import Tweak

Glo free browsing cheat is back and blazing fast with tweakware import tweak, you can browse and download with this cheat if you have good coverage in your location or boost the speed with this high-speed settings. Else you may continue to experience the slow internet speed Glo is known for.

glo free browsing cheat

We have been enjoying this Glo free browsing on Tweakware 6.4 with free servers but this time we are going to work with Premium servers because they seem to be the remedy to the frequent disconnections we experience while downloading.

With that said, am sure you now understand what the requirements for this Glo browsing cheat would be. This is actually not the first time we're making use of the tweakware import tweak, remember we used it for Etisalat free browsing some time ago before it got blocked,  it's a good thing to have it back on Glo.

Without any more delay, let's head over to configuring our tweakware android app to work with this free cheat, though not totally free considering the fact that it requires a premium account.

Glo Free Browsing Cheat Requirements
1. Tweakware 6.4 apk
2. Glo SIM with 0 airtime and data balance (3G Sim preferably)
3. Default Glo Flat or Glo Secure APN settings
4. Tweakware custom tweak - Download Here
5. Tweakware Premium subscription

How To Subscribe For Tweakware Premium Account

✓ Visit Tweakware Official Website, Click on My Account and create a new account
✓ Click on Buy Premium after successfully creating your account
✓ Select the Tweakware package and your desired duration, it could either be 1 Month ($3 or #500) or 3 Months($7 or #1500)
✓ You can pay online with your Debit Card or you can perform a mobile or bank transfer to the account shown on the webpage
✓ Make sure you follow the instructions on the page carefully if you're using the mobile or bank transfer option, once successful your account would be upgraded to premium.

N/B: Those already on our WhatsApp group without premium subscriptions should keep calm, premium details would be made available in the group.

How To Setup Glo Tweakware Import Tweak Free Browsing

* Open your tweakware android application, click on Settings and select Account settings, input your premium account username and password.

glo tweakware setings

* Go back to settings and click on Import Tweak, navigate to the directory you saved the custom tweak you had downloaded, click on it to import.... You should see a success message if the import is successful.

* Back to the homepage, click on the spanner icon and select Import Tweak (not Glo 0.0)

glo free browsing tweak

* Select your preferred premium server (servers with a star icon) and click the Connect button, it should connect in less than 20 secs.

How To Use Glo Tweakware VPN Free Browsing On PC

Follow this procedure to use any free browsing cheat on PC

Note: Just as I had said earlier, the stability and speed of this Glo free browsing depend on the network coverage in your location.

Keep checking back for a new setting and tweaks for free browsing on Android. I hope you saw the share buttons? Now do well to share this post with your friends and family.



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  1. Nice one, but I tried to upgrade to premium but the payment options got me confused 😕

    1. Hi Delex, aren't you a member of our WhatsApp group? Come online, there's a Premium Acct available for members.

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  3. can i do this without paying for premium????

  4. can i do this without paying for premium????

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