Jul 21, 2017

Download Showbox For iPhone And iPad (iOS) For Movie Series

Showbox is unarguably one of the best movie application for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac PC devices, you should download Showbox for iPhone to stream latest movie series. Showbox on iPhone allows you watch latest series movies right on your device by just making some few clicks. You also get to watch and download TV shows for free on the app.

Showbox iPhone

iPhones and iPads have proved themselves worthy of being called the most expensive and valuable devices ever used. It is a proved fact that any device which runs on iOS tends to be costly and valued at the same time. Apple Inc. established its company in a very dynamic way and with the development of iPhones and iPads the company has come up to the limelight.

Different kinds of people use these iPhones for different purposes, this is usually because these devices were made to serve almost every purpose. iPhones can serve different purposes ranging from gaming, browsing, streaming, file management and lots more. There are very few tasks one could say an iPhone or iPad can't handle because they were made and known to be versatile, little wonder they are sold for such amount of dollars.

The categories of people that make use of iPhones and iPads cannot be fully listed. Business owners, CEOs, and professionals make use of these iOS devices in their offices and companies at large. Some staffs of companies in the United States have been known for being diehard fans of the mobile operating system. These users are usually satisfied with the responsiveness and speed of the smartphone so they decide to make it a priority rather than an option.

It may also be of interest to you to know that iPhones and iPads have been known to perform lots of features with the user applications which can be downloaded from the App Store. The App Store is the mobile market for iOS devices just as we have Google Play store on Android. Applications of different categories and functions can be downloaded from the app store to add more features and enhance productivity on iOS smartphones.

Showbox is a free movie streaming and downloading application that gives users access to a wide range of videos which includes latest movie series, TV series, seasonal films and TV shows. Many say it is the best movie downloading app on iPhone, Android and PC as well. This is because aside from giving users free access to movies the application also has lots of functions and a stunning design that you can never get bored with.

Not many apps can give you access to trailers of upcoming movies, allows you download free TV shows, movies series and many others. This is why Showbox for iPhone, Android and PC stands out because it delivers all the services mentioned above by allowing you stream and download them all for free. I shared a tutorial some time ago on how to download movies from Showbox on Android, I suggest you check it out if you're using Android device because it contains the link to download Showbox apk for Android and step by step guide to downloading from the app.

Sadly, an official Showbox app download for iPhone is yet to be released therefore Showbox apk iPhone application is not yet available on App store. This means that for you to use the features and benefits of the movie app you may have to download a Showbox alternative for iPhone, the three best alternatives to Showbox on iPhone are Movie BoxPopcorn Time and PlayBox HD. They function as Showbox apk iPhone because of the multiple features like downloading and streaming of movies they offer, they are indeed the best Showbox alternatives for any iOS device.

Moviebox iPhone

Download and Install Showbox on iPhone (Moviebox for iPhone)

To install Showbox on iPhone (Moviebox iPhone) you would have to disable the third party application scanner on your device. Go to Settings - Additional Settings - Privacy - Device Administration - Scan Third Party Apps. From the drop down options select Don't Use, this would disable the 10 seconds timer that prevents you from installing an application from an external source on your iPhone or iPad.

Movie Box, as I said earlier, is Showbox apk for iPhone, this is because it packs all the features found on Showbox and also has a very appealing UI. If you're looking for a Showbox alternative that looks very much like the original then it's definitely going to be Movie Box iPhone. It has a search box for easier navigation and has lots of videos too, though Showbox has more HD videos that it does, but if you're cool with 720p movies you shouldn't have a problem using it.

Download Moviebox for iPhone and iPad

Popcorn Time iPad


Popcorn Time is one of the oldest and reliable Showbox alternatives. Though its interface may not look much like that of Showbox, it sure has all the major features needed for efficient streaming and downloading of movies, series and TV shows for free.

You can stream and download different category of movies with the simple UI and excellent navigation with a search box on the app. Popcorn Time iPhone application is best used for streaming.

Download Popcorn Time for iPhone and iPad for Movie streaming.

Playbox iPad


Playbox for iPhone can be said to be one alternative to Showbox application that looks very much like the official Showbox. It looks classic and feels the same way,  you won't find much difference between it and Movie Box except the blue theme it uses rather than the usual black on Movie Box.

It represents a perfect iOS version of Showbox and has lots of HD movies to keep you entertained all day long. It's streaming connection is mostly stable and doesn't buffer once the internet connection is fast, the application was well developed and is very smooth as the result of that.

Download PlayBox HD for iPhone and iPad

These 3 Showbox alternatives I've talked about are the best in terms of features, similarity, and efficiency. They are also available for Android, Windows and Mac PC, you can install the apk on PC with BlueStacks. There are still lots of other Showbox alternatives and I would post a review of them soon.

It is also advised you use a VPN connection when streaming movies on smartphone applications to secure and hide your identity from possible hackers who may try to steal your personal information by hacking through the apps. I recommended Psiphon VPN if you're on a low budget, you can check out its best versions for streaming and tunneling here.

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