Jul 15, 2017

How To Share Android VPN Internet Connection To PC

See steps on how to share a VPN internet connection from Android to PC for free browsing, lately we've been using some free browsing cheats with different VPN applications and this has brought about the question and curiosity of how we could tether these VPN cheats to PC, though i had a post that explains this briefly, I would give you the complete procedure here to make the process easier.

Android vpn tethering

Internet geeks in this house must have known that VPN cheats are not tethered to PC without a special method or application, if you tether it as you would while on normal data subscription, the PC may not browse. This is why we are going to take a good look at the steps to properly share a VPN connection from your Android phone to a Windows PC.

How To Tether VPN Internet Connection From Android To Windows PC

  1. Download and install PDANet application in .exe format on your PC, click here to download PDANet Latest Version.
  2. Connect your phone to your computer via USB and follow the on-screen instructions  to install PDANet on your Android phone.
  3. Configure and connect the free browsing or VPN tweak you want to share to the PC
  4. Open the PdaNet application on your phone and select any of the three tethering options, the USB option is recommended.
  5. Now reconnect your phone to your PC via USB, only if you want to use the USB option, Check the USB Tethering option on the PDANet on your phone and wait till it verifies your internet connection and turns on.
  6. Finally, click on the PDAnet popup on your PC to accept the USB tethering from your phone, you can now browse and download on any website as much as the browsing plan or cheat you're using allows.
Those are the simple steps for tethering your VPN internet connection from your Android device to a Windows PC for faster and convenient browsing and downloading, i advice you go through this post that discusses all about PDANet+ application in terms of throttling and features of the Pro version.



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