Jul 25, 2017

Psiphon 3 Handler Download Apk (Latest)

Psiphon handler

Psiphon Handler 3 VPN is a free open source internet tunneling tool that enables you to access blocked websites through its servers. Psiphon gives free internet access and freedom to millions of people all over the world by providing an avenue to browse and download from censored websites. Psiphon windows and Android VPN apps have been in existence and use for a very long time now, and this is one of the reasons different people from diverse countries trust its web protection and tunneling services.

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Features of Psiphon 3 Handler:
✓ Small file size which makes it consume fewer data to download and install.
✓ Free to use without registration or subscription.
✓ Best servers that guarantee secure web browsing and security.
✓ Allows you register multiple accounts.
✓ No logs or bugs that may infringe your privacy.

How Does Psiphon 3 Work?

Psiphon 3 is the best VPN for accessing blocked, censored and websites locked to a particular country or location. It allows you access these sites by tunneling your internet connection and applications from the insecure gateway to its secure portal. Psiphon 3 is best used when using free WiFi networks or untrusted connections and all its services are free.

All the versions of Psiphon Handler VPN for Android and Psiphon for windows are easy to use, it turns your normal internet connection into a proxy server that allows you browse with total freedom irrespective of your location, region or service provider. Psiphon 3 handler encrypts connections of millions of people around the world and secures their browsing data in its safe database. You can create different user accounts with passwords which only you and whom you wish to share it with would know and be able to get access to the Psiphon server.


Psiphon 3

Psiphon windows

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Psiphon 3 Handler Apk Download(7.95MB)

Other Versions

Psiphon 155 Pro Handler Download Apk



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