Jul 23, 2017

List Of All 9Mobile Data Plans 2017 For Internet Browsing

9Mobile data plans and a list of 2017 bundles have been released, the plans support iOS devices, Windows and Mac PC, Android and every other internet-supported gadget. The subscriptions codes and SMS for daily, weekly, monthly, weekend and night plans have been provided below on this post. 

The plans are expected to be better than the previous Etisalat data plans which they came out from. Let's take a look below to confirm our thoughts and expectations.

9mobile data plans

9Mobile Data Plans For Android, iPhone, PC, and Consoles

9Mobile Daily Data Plans

9Mobile currently has two daily data bundle plans, they are the 10MB daily data plan and 50MB daily data plan, the first is sold for N50 while the latter is sold for N100. Both are valid for 24 hours but can be exhausted before expiration.

To Subscribe for 9Mobile 10MB Daily Data Plan; Dial *229*3*8# or SMS M13 to 229.

9Mobile Weekly Data Plan

There is only one weekly data plan on 9Mobile yet, though more may be introduced soon. The plan gives you 200MB worth of data and is valid for 7 days (a week). The price for this 9Mobile weekly data plan is N200.

To Subscribe to the 200MB weekly data plan; Dial *229*2*10# or Send an SMS with LCD to 229.

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9Mobile Monthly Smartphone Data Plans

9Mobile has 5 monthly smartphone data plans, these plans are best for smartphones like Android and iPhone, you shouldn't purchase them for a Feature phone. They also vary in data allowance and price but their validities are the same because they all last for 30 days.

9mobile smartphone data plans

On this list of monthly smartphone data plans are;

Data Allowance; 500MB
Price; 500 Naira
To Subscribe to 500MB monthly smartphone data plan; Dial *229*2*11# or SMS smarta to 229.

Data Allowance; 1GB
Price; 1,000 Naira
To Subscribe for 1GB monthly smartphone data plan; Dial *229*2*22# or SMS smartb to 229.

Data Allowance; 2.5GB
Price; 2,000 Naira
To Subscribe for the 2.5GB smartphone monthly data plan; Dial *229*2*44# or SMS smartc to 229.

Data Allowance; 5GB
Price; 3,500 Naira
To Subscribe for the 5GB smartphone monthly data plan; Dial *229*2*33# or SMS smartd to 229.

Data Allowance; 11.5GB
Price; 8,000 Naira
Dial *229*2*55# or send smarte to 229 to subscribe for 11.5GB monthly smartphone data plan.

9Mobile Monthly Data Plans

9mobile data plan subscription code

Below are the subscription codes, data allowance, and price for all 9Mobile monthly data bundle plans.

Data volume; 500MB
Price; N500
Subscription code; *229*3*12# or send LCD2 to 229

Data volume; 1GB
Price; N1,000
Subscription code; *229*2*7#

Data volume; 1.5GB
Price; N1,200
Subscription code; *229*2*25# or send AND11 to 229

Data volume; 2.5GB
Price; N2,000
Subscription code; *229*2*8# or send AND2 to 229

Data volume; 4GB
Price; N3,000
Subscription code; *229*3*35#

Data volume; 5.5GB
Price; N4,000
Subscription code; *229*2*36#

Data volume; 11.5GB
Price; N8,000
Subscription code; *229*2*5# or send MB6 to 229

Data volume; 15GB
Price; N10,000
Subscription code; *229*4*1# or send SM1 to 229

Data volume; 27.5GB
Price; N18,000
Subscription code; *229*4*3# or send SM3 to 229

Data volume; 100GB
Price; N84,992
Subscription code; *229*5*3# or send 12M to 229.

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9Mobile Weekend And Night Plan

Weekend Plans;

1GB Weekend Plan
Price; N500
Usable; Friday 11:59PM - Sunday 11:59PM
Subscription code; *5995*2#

These Night and Weekend Plans below are usable between 7 PM to 7 AM on weekdays and usable the whole of weekends.

Data Volume; 2GB
Price; N1,000
Validity; 30 days
Subscription code; *229*3*12#

Data volume; 5GB
Bonus; 100MB Whatsapp data (24/7)
Price; N2,000
Validity; 30 days
Subscription code; *229*3*13#

9Mobile Night Plan Subscription Code

To Subscribe for 9Mobile night plan; dial *229*3*11#, costs 200 Naira and usable between 12 am - 5 am.

9Mobile Smartpaks

See the subscription codes, validity, data allowance, usability and price of 9Mobile's smartpak data plans in the image below.

9mobile smartpak data plan

Other 9Mobile Data Bundle Plans (Annual/Bi-Annual/Quarterly)

30GB Quarterly Plan
Price; N27,500
Validity; 90 days
Subscription Code; *229*5*1# or send 4M to 229

60GB Bi-Annual Plan
Price; N55,000
Validity; 120 days
Subscription code; *229*5*2# or send 6M to 229

120GB Annual Plan
Price; N110,000
Validity; 365 days
Subscription code; *229*5*3# or send 12M to 229.

How To Cancel 9Mobile Data Plan Auto Renewal

To Cancel auto renewal on any 9Mobile data plan; Dial *229*0#.
For more info visit 9Mobile's Official Website.

Here I've listed all the 9Mobile data plans and their subscription codes, SMS keywords, validity, and data size. I hope you find it very useful, please take out some minutes of your time and use the share buttons on the page to share this post. Happy Browsing.



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