Aug 5, 2017

Gen Game S3 Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Guide And Review

Gen Game S3

Gen Game S3 is a cheap wireless Bluetooth gamepad that works on Android, iOS, Windows, Game Console, TV, and other operating systems. This game-pad works both as a game controller and a mouse for the mentioned OSes. You would surely love this gadget for its affordability, durability and cool design.

Features Of Gen Game S3
  • Beautiful Design
  • Durable Build
  • Multiple Connection Modes
  • Led Indicator
  • Cheap but Durable
  • Long-lasting Battery
  • Auto-Mapped Keys
  • Connects Fast on all devices
  • 3 Connection Types
The Gen-Game S3 controller is a beautiful sleek-looking gadget for Gamers, it has a phone bracket which you hook onto the gamepad and to your phone, thereby giving you a handheld game experience.

Despite the low price of this wireless controller, it doesn't have that cheap stuff feeling, it feels and looks very much like every other console controller. It is not heavy, I can say it is lightweight but this shouldn't give you the impression that it would shatter if it falls.

Gen Game S3 Review

There are different connection modes on this Bluetooth gamepad for different devices, you can connect it to your Android phone, iPhone or PC via Bluetooth or the wireless USB dongle.

There's a special USB dongle that allows you use this gamepad on PC, though you can easily connect the controller to your PC via Bluetooth if it's supported. Lots of laptops these days do come with Bluetooth support so you may not need the USB Receiver to connect the gamepad to a PC or probably have no problems using it on your PC, as far as it has Bluetooth support.
Gen Game S3 Connection Modes

1. Controller Mode
2. Control Mode (Mouse  Multimedia)
3. iOS Third-Party Control (XinYou platform)
4. iCade Mode (Apple Mode)

Controller (Handle) Mode: This is the controller mode, when the Gen Game S3 is in this mode it works as a game controller for any device it is connected to via Bluetooth. This mode is the best mode for Android devices, PCs, or a TV Box with Bluetooth features. The upper left Led on the gamepad would be on when it is in handle mode.

Control Mode: The gamepad on this mode works very much as a Mouse or a media controller, you can navigate, launch applications, and control your media player on the connected device when the gamepad is in this mode. The gamepad is in control when the upper right Led stays on.

iOS Third Party Control: This mode enables you to control and perform special iOS operations such as XinYou, the steady light of the lower right Led indicates the gamepad is in this mode.

iCade Mode: This is the mode the gamepad has to be when you want to play games on your iPhone or iPad. You would surely enjoy your iOS games with this gamepad mode without blocking part of the display with your fingers. The gamepad is on Apple mode when the lower left Led is on.

How To Connect Gen Game S3 To Any Device
  1. Bluetooth Connection: Allows you connect to any device with Bluetooth support
  2. Wireless USB Connection: Connect the gamepad wirelessly to a Desktop Computer, Television, Box, etc. using the supplied BM - 703 mini USB Dongle (ordered separately).
  3. Wired USB Connection: Connect the gamepad to the female USB port of your PC, Tv, Android (Via OTG), etc. It also charges the gamepad as you play.
How to connect the Gen Game S3 to Android or other OS via Bluetooth: While the gamepad is off, hold down the X button and the Home button, the four LEDs should start flashing very fast. Now turn your Android's Bluetooth on and search for a new device, the gamepad would either appear as Gen Game or some strings of codes with a keyboard icon. Click on it to pair, after that it would connect to the gamepad and the upper right Led would light up.

Android Game Controller

How to connect Gen Game S3 to iOS Third Party Mode: While it is off, hold down the Y key plus Home key for 5 seconds. Turn on your Bluetooth and you should see a newly available device labeled as "Newgamepad N1'.

How to connect Gen Game S3 to Apple iCade Mode: Turn the device off by holding down the home key for 5 seconds, now press down the B and Home keys on the gamepad for 5 seconds. Search for new Bluetooth devices on your iPhone or iPad and you should find a new gamepad device.

How to connect Gen Game S3 to PC or TV with the Wireless USB Receiver: Plug in the BM - 703 mini USB dongle/receiver into a female USB port on your PC or TV and hold down the Select plus Home buttons, the gamepad would immediately connect to the receiver automatically.

How to connect Gen Game S3 Gamepad via Wired USB Connection: Plug in the male part of the USB cord supplied with the gamepad into your PC or other devices with a female USB port and plug in the mini USB end into the gamepad. Press the Start button on the game-pad to start using it on the connected device.

Bluetooth controller

You should note that the setup instructions and connection guides provided here also apply to older and newer models of the Gen Game S3, such as the older Gen Game T3, the newer Gen Game S5, Gen Game S6, and the most recent Gen Game S7 deluxe.

Gen Game S3 Special Features

1. Tapping on the home button automatically connects it to the device it was last connected to
2. Lights flash slowly when charging and go off when fully charged
3. When disconnected the lights would flash for one minute then go off
4. When connected but no action in 5 minutes the gamepad goes to sleep
5. Led flashes while in a connected state if the battery is low

Wireless gamepad

Gen Game S3 Specifications
Dimension: 15*10. 5*5. 4CM
Weight: lightweight
Colors: Black and White
Works on: Android/iOS/PS3/TV/Windows
Battery: 400 mA (Charges fast but last long)
Current when connected: 20 - 40 mA
Current when working: 10 to 30 mA
Sleeping current: 2 uA

What's In The Box
1 Gen Game S3 wireless gamepad
1 USB Cord for charging
1 User Manual
1 USB Dongle (If ordered)
1 Phone Hanger (If ordered)

iPad game controller
Apple tv game controller

Where to buy the Gen Game S3 Wireless Controller
The Gen Game S3 wireless gamepad costs between $9 to $15, it depends on the store and items you order. You can order it now from Jumia for N3,400 or click here to order it from AliExpress.

Watch a Video and Image Slideshow Review Of Gen Game S3 Below

I would publish a list of Android games that you can play with this gamepad soon. The rest assured that this gamepad works with all GTA games and most Android emulators including PPSSPP, the amazing thing is that the buttons are auto-mapped so you don't have to stress yourself mapping the keys manually. Keep the fun going by sharing this post and also drop your comments below.



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    1. Haha, you're funny bro.

      Do you mean you won't invite your friends here if i don't give free airtime to top commentators? nah.

      You can at least invite them for the information and freebies i share here, not necessarily airtime.

      I hope to see your friends here too, soon.

  2. pls any help on how to rename a copied web address link.

  3. hw much for d gamepad?

  4. how much for d gamepad

    1. The gamepad is sold for between $9 to $15 on Aliexpress, but you can get it for as low as N3400 by following the link in the post.

  5. Asking for pairing code in order to connect

  6. It doesn't ask for any code in order to connect, if that's the case with yours then it's probably faulty.

  7. How do i make it go from controller mode to searching for bluetooth

    1. Hold both the "X" and "Home" button at the same time while it is off.

  8. I can't connect it to my smart tv even in USB wired connection. I'm using a GBA emulator. T_T

    1. Do you have the USB dongle? Connect that to your Smart Tv and try again.

  9. Wanted to connect with Bluetooth in my pc but it asked me to input some codes in the game pad which is not possible, Any idea on how to connect with Bluetooth on my computer.

    1. This is strange.. could you be more precise about the code it was asking for? You could contact me on Whatsapp so we sort it out together.

  10. PLEASE HELP ME! Even when following the instructions given, I am unable to make a wireless connection to my HP Laptop.

  11. Hi, can we do wireless connection via other usb bluetooth dongle? Or does it necessarily have to be BM703 ?

    1. You can connect wirelessly via any Bluetooth dongle, it doesn't necessarily have to be a particular model.

  12. I’m trying to get my controller to work with the games is apparently compatible with but it isn’t working. It is connected to my phone but it’s not registering to the games I’ve opened/downloaded for whatever reason. Please help.

    1. You could be trying to use it with a game that does not support controllers, not all Android games can be played with a gamepad. That could be the reason.

  13. I bought the gamepad today for my android phone (Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1). I was able to pair and connect the 2 just fine. Problem is, it doesn't work for any of my games:

    - NBA 2K19
    - EmulatorBox a.k.a EmuBox (playing Pokemon Yellow on it)
    - Mobile Legends (I've read that the game just flat out doesn't support game pads, sad)

    Any ideas as to which games support this controller?

    1. Sorry about the ugly experience with Mobile Legends not supporting controllers.

      All PSP games can be played with a controller, and you can play PSP games on your phone by using the PPSSPP emulator. I have a couple of articles on the topic on this blog, you could find them by making a search for PPSSPP or checking the "Android Games" or "ROMs" labels at the bottom of the page.

      However, there are also some native Android games you can play with a controller. The best ones I can remember are: Modern Combat 5, Call of Duty Mobile, Unkilled, Dead Trigger 2, Six Guns (not really sure about this one but I believe it does), and most racing games including Asphalt, Grid Autosport, and Riptide GP.

      Have fun gaming! I hope you keep visiting for more tech stuff.

    2. Yo man i have a way you could play any of your games with the controller.

      Here is how:

      Get an app on the store called 'Octopus'
      Open and add Mobile Legends to the game List
      Click on Mobile Legends and follow the on screen instructions.
      If you see buttons labelled 'a' 'lt' 'rt' etc. then it is normal. They are just the controls you need to do to activate the skills or attacks.
      Hopefully this works. Bye.

  14. Hi ,

    How can i test my gamepad after connecting it on the android device ? I think all the buttons doesnt work ... & There's no signal on gamepad tester software

    1. I test controllers on Android with PPSSPP emulator, you can use it to test each key individually and also map buttons.

  15. can it be paired with the PS3?

    1. Yes, it can. I used mine mostly with a PS3, you would need the USB dongle to pair it.

    2. Hello Can we play fortnite on PC with this controller ?

    3. Yes. I believe that you can, though I haven't tried it personally. You should be able to play Fortnite with it by connecting the controller to your PC with its USB dongle and pairing it in x-input mode.

  16. The controller does not pair with My galaxy A31. When the s3 shows up on the phone ready to be connected it simply fails to pair

    1. Having the same issue. A12. Seems it's a Samsung problem.

  17. how to fix 4 led indicators wont turn off


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