Aug 12, 2017

How To Get Rid Of Facebook Ads From News Feed

Facebook ads eating up your data? Worry no more on how to get rid of Facebook ads on your news feed. By following the simple steps provided below you would be able to block those Facebook ads and no longer see them on your profile. Though Facebook ads are usually personalized and served according to the interest of the user, sometimes it gets annoying just like most android ads. High data consumption may also be your reason for wanting to disable ads, especially when you want to save data so you could chat with friends, families or colleagues. Whichever be the case, there's a work around for it below.

how to get rid of facebook ads

Facebook is one of the most popular social media in the world, many believe it is the most popular and you shouldn't blame them because I also share in their thought. Users of Facebook has grown massively over the years, and by this increase, the quest for how to get rid of ads on Facebook has also increased. This is because not too many people want any interference when they are focused on something else even though the platform doesn't use pop up ads. While many seek to know how to block ads on Facebook so they can possibly reduce the amount of data it consumes.

There are lots of methods to get rid of ads on Facebook, and here I am going to provide the two most recommended way to do it. I'm sure you already know you can't disable Facebook ads from your account settings because Mark Zuckerberg has to make some more money. The methods we're going to make use of here are not officially supported by Facebook or its affiliates, so I advise you keep viewing the ads if it doesn't affect you negatively.

How To Get Rid Of Facebook Ads

Before scrolling down to the list of extensions you can use to block Facebook ads on your account, you should follow the two simple steps below to disable and opt out of Facebook social advertisements. This would prevent Facebook from tracking your account and showing you ads they feel would be of interest to you. However, you should note that this wouldn't totally stop ads from displaying on your News feed.

How to opt out of Facebook social adverts:

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account and hover on the drop down menu icon at the top right of your Facebook page. Click on "Settings" and then on "Facebook Ads"

Step 2: Under "Ad Settings", select "Off" on "Ads based on your use of websites and apps". Select "No" on "Ads on apps and websites off of the Facebook Companies", and finally set "Ads with your social actions" as "No One" to completely disable social advertising on Facebook.

How to get rid of ads on Facebook using Adblock extensions:

There are lots of Adblock extensions you can use on your favorite browsers to disable ads on Facebook. Two of such recommended Adblock browser extensions are AdGuard AdBlocker and GreaseMonkey.

greasemonkey for chrome

Grease Monkey is a very popular Firefox extension, aside from blocking ads on Facebook, it has other amazing features which would surely amaze you. Greasemonkey is not officially available on Chrome browser but "Tampermonkey", a similar extension of it, serves the same purpose.

Adguard AdBlocker plus is available in both Firefox and Chrome. It is very simple to use and also has a nice interface with visible navigation.


If you followed the steps I provided and/or downloaded any of the ad blockers I recommended then you should be smiling because you just got rid of those annoying ads. Maybe if you give this a second thought you may decide to let go of the process and let the ads be, since revenue generated from businesses advertising on Facebook helps Mark keep the platform stable and release regular updates with bug fixes.

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