Aug 24, 2017

Glo Anonytun Settings With New Proxy Server

Glo anonytun settings

Glo anonytun vpn settings
has been modified after it stopped working yesterday. Interestingly, some sharp guys in Contechsblog WhatsApp group quickly shared a new working proxy which renewed the free browsing cheat and it started working at full speed again.

This new proxy server replaces the former server we had been making use of. It reactivates the free browsing and enables you browse/download at full speed.

The modified settings provides better  and more stable internet connection. This Glo cheat is still unlimited and the requirements remains the same, as below;

✓ Glo SIM with 0.0 airtime and data balance
✓ Strong Glo 3G internet coverage
Anonytun Android VPN app
√ Send PAYU to 127

Glo Anonytun Free Browsing Settings

✓ Click on Stealth Settings and turn on Stealth Tunnel
✓ Change Connection Protocol from TCP to HTTP
✓ Connection Port: 8081
✓ Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP ✓ Click on Stealth Settings and turn on Stealth Tunnel

✓ Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers and configure the settings below;

Request method: POST or GET
Injection method: Normal
Check (Tick) User Agent option
Tick "Forward Host" and "Keep-Alive" to stop quick disconnections
Make sure you click on Generate, Validate, then Save.
Go back to the Anonytun homepage and connect.

Anonytun settings for glo

If your settings are correct as shown above then your Anonytun would connect and be working in a matter of seconds.



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  1. Boss pls help when I sand PAYU TO 127 I get back this message
    Dear Customer, the plan you are trying to purchase is not compatible with your current data plan. To choose another plan, visit or simply dial *777#

    Pls update me on +2348075454541

  2. Glo data signal has not been showing on my phone if I don't have data or airtime so I can't connect pls what can I do

  3. Ça marche dans toutes les pays.ça peut marche en Haiti


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