Sep 24, 2017

Hyundai Genesis G80 - 2018 Genesis Car With A Fresh Look

Hyundai is known as a good brand for cars, their collection of cars proves this and the testimonies of those using their products tells more about them. Here we have the Hyundai Genesis G80, a car that is worth the ride with anybody of your choice. The Genesis G80 is the 2018 version of the Genesis series, the design is quite different from its predecessors as it poses out with that fresh look. Checking out on the G80 you would discover that a lot of upgrades and improvements has been made on it, compared to the previous Hyundai Genesis.

Hyundai Genesis 2018

The Genesis G80 comes in three variants (models), they are the G80 3.8, G80 3.8 Premium, and G80 3.8 Ultimate. Aside from the three variants above there are still two other trims known as G80 5.0 Ultimate (a 5.0liter model) and G80 Sport (a sport version of the car, 3.3liter).

The new looks of the 2018 G80 Sport makes it better than the Hyundai Genesis. Designs upgrades are noticable from the new rear and front facias, redesigned headlights and loads of interior design improvements.

The sporty look of the Genesis G80 is not all it has to offer, neither are the new designs all there is to it. Modifications were also made in the controls whereby pressing backwards moves the vehicle while pressing forward puts it into reverse. Now there's also an easy to reach Park button for your convenience.

One can say this car is overalls wonderful, considering its design, sporty look, swift controls and most importantly - competitive price. $56,000 with a plus gets you the Hyundai G80 for a luxury ride.



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