Sep 24, 2017

iOS 11 Review - Features And All You Need To Know

iOS 11 is the just released iOS update which is now the latest iOS version on Apple iPhone and iPad devices. Truly this new iOS version packs a lot of updates, features, and customization. The feature of the iOS 11 is what we are gonna be checking out here, right below.

iOS 11 Features

What's it with iOS 11?

Simply put, iOS 11 is the latest version of Apple's i-Operating-System, it was released on 19th September (This Month). Though a lot won't seem to be new to you on this OS, however, we've been able to find out that some new designs on UI and apps have been made on this new iOS 11.

Features Of iOS 11

Interestingly, iOS 11 being the most recent and latest update of iOS on iPhone, iPad, etc, has lots of features to offer to every user of an Apple device which is eligible for the update. Some of the features you would find on this new OS are;

1. New Apps Design; Amidst all the new features packed with this new iOS update, one of the features you would find appealing is the new look and design of some stock applications. The text is now bolder and slightly darker in some stock applications like the Phone and Calculator apps, this is because Apple no longer used the thin font it used to since that has been dumped after iOS 7.

2. Customizable Control Center; The control center has been improved and now highly customizable, allowing you tweak more settings without having to open the settings app. Amazingly, you can now a lot of options to the control center for easier switching and access. Options that can be added to the control center includes the following;

FlashlightHomeLow Power Mode
Apple TV RemoteScreen Recording
DND While DrivingText Size
Guided AccessVoice MemosWallet

iOS 11 Control Center

Along with the options listed above, iOS 11 also adds a 3D Touch function that brings up numerous options usable on apps on the control center that have more than just a toggle on and off function. A good example of such an option is the Song Info that pops up in a bigger window when a 3D Touch is performed on the music app.

Due to the size of iPhones and probably their design, the control center when in view takes the whole screen. This isn't the case with an iPad cause the control center is only displayed at the top right whether the device is in portrait or landscape mode.

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3. Lock-screen and Notification Center Integrated; The Notification Center has been Integrated into the Lock-screen hereby making you view the lock-screen while checking your notification. The notification center no longer has its own space alone, rather sliding from the top of the display brings up your lock-screen on which your notifications are displayed.

iOS 11 lockscreen

While on the lock screen a swipe to the right brings up the "Today" tab where widgets are shown in the notification center. By default, your missed notifications would be shown once you're in the notification center (lock screen) and a second swipe from the middle of the displays brings up your recent notifications.

3. Improved SIRI Functions and Abilities; Siri, a very important part of every iOS update wasn't left at all on this iOS 11 version released for i-devices. By going through the update we've found that lots of improvements have been made on the Siri Assistant App. The improvement has really added a lot to Siri on iPhone and iPad devices, allowing it perform the following functions;

i. A more Human-like male and female voice with better pronunciation.

ii. On-device learning now allows Siri know more about you and your preferences, allowing it serve you more and also provide better suggestions.

iii. Siri syncing to other devices is now faster with End-to-end encryption to protect private data.

iv. New icon on Siri application for fast translation of languages.

v. Siri learns your music taste, allowing it play songs you would love when instructed to do so. It is now also able to answer Music-related Trivia.

vi. Siri queries can now be typed rather than speaking them out with the new Type-to-Siri feature on the accessibility menu.

vii. Sirikit API now works with lots of apps and is also being integrated into new apps, thereby allowing Siri handle more tasks on the applications it's integrated.

4. A new Files app has been added; There isn't an iCloud Drive application in iOS 11 rather it has been replaced by a better "Files" which grants you access to files stored locally, iCloud, etc. This new Files application works very much like the Finder app on Mac computers, it also has lots of features.

files app on iOS 11

What Features Does iOS 11 Add To iPad?

Aside from the general features and designs which we just checked out about the iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad, there are certain features and looks which may not be noticed on an iPhone but would on an iPad, while there are also some which are not present on an iPhone at all.

The Dock: The dock of an iPad has been extended on iOS 11, it is now capable of housing up to 13 apps. Swiping up quickly from any app brings up the dock, hereby making it easy for to switch between apps.

iOS 11 dock

The App Switcher: iOS 11 brings with it an App Switcher that can be launched by simply double tapping the Home button or double swipe upwards. On opening the app switcher you would see the Dock and a tiled view of your open apps. This new app switcher works relatively fine as it maintains your split view or slide over multitasking windows, enabling switch between apps without obstructing another.

iOS 11 app switcher

Drag and Drop: You can now drag and drop text, files, links, etc, from one app to another without having to use the share buttons on the apps. All you have to do is tap and hold on the item you wish to copy, then drag and drop it to the destination of your choice.

Other improvements added to the iPad by iOS 11 are:

1. Quicktype Keyboard
2. Apple Pencil
3. Instant Markup
4. Inline Drawing and Instant Notes

Apps like Messages, Apple Pay, Notes, Maps, Camera, Apple Music, etc, were updated on iOS 11 with a lot of fantastic features added to them. The applications are now smoother and very much compatible with all the new features of the updated iOS.

Credit: Macrumors

Should You Update Your iPhone or iPad to iOS 11?

Wel, I would go directly on this one. The answer is Yes. Only a few bugs which do not even seem much like a threat to me have been found on iOS 11, by that I can say it is worth installing. The bugs and installation procedure of iOS 11 shall be posted here soon, just stay glued as we get back to you. Please use the share buttons and drop your questions and comments for fast response.



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