Sep 12, 2017

MTN Hourly YouTube Streaming Data Plans Subscription Codes

YouTube lovers can now stream movies, shows and whatever they wish with this new MTN hourly data plan which MTN launched in secret. These plans come in two variants, you can either subscribe for a 1 hour plan or a 3 hours plan. Both have different price and data allowance, yeah they both aren't unlimited.

mtn youtube hourly data plan

We all understand that different plans for YouTube video streaming has been in existence before now. However, this new MTN YouTube streaming plan seems to have some special wave it's moving with, considering the number of persons talking about it online.

To me though, this new MTN hourly data plan is nothing special or raise a topic about because it doesn't have the feature that would have made headlines for it. I'm talking about being capped, MTN would have gained more customers to their network this new YouTube data plan was unlimited. Sincerely nobody feels anything is special about a plan that is capped to a certain amount of data, at least no YouTube lover loves such data bundle plan.

The price of this newly secret launched YouTube streaming plan sure wouldn't worry your pocket as it seems to be very cheap. It is also better than using your regular monthly data bundle to watch movies on YouTube.

MTN Hourly YouTube Streaming Activation Codes

You can subscribe for the MTN video pack in two different ways which are by dialing *131*8# to access the data bundles menu and making your choice of the hourly data you want. Or by dialing the codes below to subscribe to your preferred hourly plan directly:

Dial *131*8*1# to subscribe to the 1 hour YouTube Video Pack

Dial *131*8*2# to subscribe to the 3 hour YouTube Video Pack

To check your data bundle balance dial *559*18#

Note: The 1 hour plan is capped at 750MB while the 3 hours is capped at 2.2GB.

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