Sep 9, 2017

Small Business Internet Security Measures To Implement

Every business whether small or large needs a trusted internet security solution to be able to carry out its days to day running of the business. Small business internet security services are what we are going to discuss on this post. These internet security options for small business are known to be less costly when compared to internet security services for larger business organizations. Despite the fact that a small business with probably a low financial budget can afford to secure its files and documents with some low-cost internet security, it is most important to make sure that the internet security being used can be trusted.

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There are lots of things to consider and look out for when choosing an internet security solution for your small business. You wouldn't want to choose a security service that on the long run may turn out to be a torn in the flesh or fail in its duty of safeguarding your private business documents. These small business internet security solutions range from Cloud Files Backup to Secure Web Browsing setups.

Small Business Internet Security Solutions To Consider

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Cloud Storage/Backup

Every business ought to have a backup of its files and documents online. This would ensure that the business doesn't lose its records to unexpected events. By having a cloud backup of all the company's important documents, the business would be safe and can easily solve any problem that may arise from loss of physical files.

What Cloud Storage Solution is the best for small businesses?

There are lots of cloud storage/backup solutions available for businesses. However, a small business wouldn't want to spend as much as a bigger one would because it doesn't have as many files to backup. This is why every small business would want a cloud backup service that would not require much money to manage.

Recommendations: Well, depending on your business budget for security, Google Drive or some other cheap but safe cloud storage solution may be used.
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Antivirus/Cyber-attacks Protection Programs

Just as it is important that you backup important documents of your company or business to the cloud, so is it also important that you protect those store on your computers from theft. You wouldn't want to wake up someday and find out that important credentials and files of your business has been stolen and now in the hands of Cyber criminals. This is why you have to protect your business computers with strong Antivirus programs.

Antivirus Programs For Small Businesses: There are loads of Antivirus programs for just any kind of Company, Business or Organization. All that is required is that the program you choose is able to protect your devices from Viruses and Cyber-criminals. Symantec For Small Businesses has made itself a very popular and of course trusted security solution for any business, as such it is one of the trusted Antivirus programs you can trust for your business. Other Internet Security programs you can trust and use for your small business are Kaspersky and Avast, with both having a high trust rating from their clients.

Protecting Your Website

Most small businesses have websites where some the times they store important information that may be needed by hackers to run the business down. To ensure that this doesn't happen, such a business organization ought to protect its website and data from being stolen by hackers.

A Company's website in most cases is one of the most important parts of the business because it houses important and delicate documents of that business. Clients may get scammed and important documents lost or exposed if an unauthorized individual or set of persons such as Cyber hackers gain administrative access to the website. Now you have to properly secure your business website so you wouldn't be sued for negligence when clients get scammed as a result of unauthorized access to their documents kept in your care.

Solutions to securing your business website: There are many ways to secure your websites from hackers, but here I'm recommending Cloud Flare because it has been reviewed and recommended by owners of different businesses. You too can give it a try.

Browsing Safely on the Internet

Do you know how your files get leaked or stolen easily on the Internet?? It is actually through the websites you visit. This is why you should make sure you don't visit websites that have been labeled as Unsafe or Malicious, those sorts of websites tend to steal documents from your computer without your knowledge. It is also advised that you also safeguard your internet browsing sessions with programs that block malicious websites and servers from accessing your files. Browsing safely on the Internet can be achieved by activating a Web Firewall program or alternatively using a security program e.g Symantec that has a firewall feature.

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Using Secured Passwords for your Business Accounts 

Do you know the passwords and credentials used for your business matters a lot and also determines how secured your business would be? Hackers wouldn't have a hard time getting access to your files if your passwords are very easy to guess or manipulate. Using the secured passwords would keep hackers away, thereby keeping you and your business safe from attacks. 

One habit you should never start is using the same password for multiple accounts, by doing this you are making your business accounts vulnerable to hacks. You should also try as much as possible not to use your name, names of pet or relatives as passwords since they can be easily guessed, rather you may generate secured random passwords from sites likes for your different business accounts.

Other security measures to take

Aside from these security measures and solutions I mentioned for small businesses, there are lots of things you should also take care of to ensure your Business or Company is 100% safe from attacks, hacks or data leakage and loss. You may read want to check out this article by Businessnewsdaily for more on this topic, there you would find other useful small business internet security solutions.

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Always remember that securing your business should be your topmost priority, else your business may crumble before it even starts. Don't follow the old belief that only big companies and organizations are at the risk of the attacks if left unprotected, that is false and your small business may fall victim to hackers if you do not secure it as you should.



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