Nov 8, 2017

How To Differentiate Between The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 And The Redmi Note 4X

Hello MIUIers, I saw a thread that stated some of the technical differences between the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X here. However, I found out from the comments that lots of people still weren't able to detect the exact device they owned. This is however due to the confused state they are put into when they see their device model showing as Redmi Note 4 in the "About Phone" menu, even though they know they had bought the Redmi Note 4X.

Though the Redmi Note 4 (RN4) and the Redmi Note 4X (RN4X) may have some technical differences, it isn't always that easy to differentiate between both by just taking a look. Unless you know the right places to look.

differences between redmi note 4 and redmi note 4x

Now you're probably thinking "All I have to do is check my Phone Settings, and then "About Phone" to find out". Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, RN4 and RN4X phones with the same Chipset share the same ROM. This makes it quite difficult to know which device you're having because your About Phone may show your device name as "Redmi Note 4", meanwhile it is the Redmi Note 4x.

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How To Know Your Device Model;

The fastest way to know which device you're having is by taking a look at the design. There are obvious design differences between the Redmi Note 4 and the Redmi Note 4X, though these differences may not be so obvious if you do not have both devices in hand.

The physical design differences you should look out for are;

xiaomi redmi note and note 4x differences

1. Position of the Infrared Blaster

The RN4 has its Infrared blaster positioned at the top center of the phone. While the RN4X has its on the top right, very close to the mic.

2. The Screws beside the Micro USB port

On the RN4 you would find two tiny screws beside the Micro USB charging port, there are no such screws on the RN4X.

how to differentiate between redmi note 4 and redmi note 4x

3. The speaker grills

There are 6 holes on both parts of the grills on the speaker and mic grills on the RN4, while there are 5 holes to each part on the RN4X.

4. Material used in making the top and bottom of the device

This one is tricky, you may not notice the difference. However, the top and bottom parts of the RN4X are made of plastic, unlike the RN4 that is all metal. It is however believed that the plastic used on the RN4X helps it get better network signal than the RN4.

5. Position of the light sensor

I'm not very sure about this, but I've heard some persons say the position of the light sensor or proximity sensor ain't the same on the RN4 and the RN4X. Maybe you should confirm this yourself by taking a close look at both devices.

That's all about that! I hope I was able to bring you out of the confused state you were in, not knowing which device you owned because the About Phone menu says your phone is RN4, meanwhile you ordered for RN4X.

You no longer have to be confused, look out for any of the design differences I mentioned above and you would be sure of your device model.

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Extra Tip!

Do you know the fastest way to know your device model is by dropping a comment on the MIUI Forum?

Remember it displays the device your comment was posted from? Yeah, that's it!

The Miui forum seems to be very accurate in detecting the device model your comment was posted from. Go ahead and give it a try, keep your comments coming.



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