Nov 11, 2017

AliExpress 11 Eleven Flash Sales Goes Down Soon

Yeah! AliExpress is set to go down on their 11-11 discount sales that we've all been waiting for. Guess what? It's gonna be filled with lots of unbelievable discounts. Prices of goods are going to be slashed by cool percentages, so what are you still waiting for? Get going already!.

AliExpress flash sales

How to get the best out of the AliExpress 11-11 sales

It's very simple, all you've got to do is get registered on the AliExpress website, you can skip this step if you already have an account.

Now open the website, yeah I'm talking about the AliExpress website, keep it open and you would see a countdown running.

Go to your watch, smartphone or whatsoever and set up a timer, make it match the countdown that's running on the AliExpress site.

To be on a safer and quicker side, you have to download the AliExpress application for your iPhone or Android smartphone, launch and keep the app running. You can find the app on both the Play store and the Apple App store.

Now what? Now, wait! But you had better not wait if you know you haven't got any money, you know why? Well, the deals are very tempting, though they would be quite affordable too.

Okay, the timer is down, what's next? Seriously? You're asking? Get into the app you installed or probably visit the website and start shopping.

You know what? I wouldn't be here when the deal starts, guess where I'm gonna be? Of course, I'm gonna be there too! No one wants to miss this AliExpress Flash sale.

Now if you all would excuse me, I've got some items to purchase.. very cheap items to purchase, lol. See you there, keep an eye on the timer so you don't miss out the best stocks.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot to remind you that Jumia's 2017 Black Friday Sales comes up on the 13th, that's two days from now, so you've got to be ready, start saving for it! Aww, hope I didn't overdo that. Anyways it doesn't matter, keep your comments coming and please share this post to friends.



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