Mar 3, 2018

Download MegaBox HD Android App - Best Showbox Alternative

Megabox HD is a very useful Android application that can be used to stream movies, Tv Shows, Tv series, and lots of other interesting programs. Megabox HD is very similar to Showbox, and their features, functions, and uses are alike. This is because Showbox also allows you stream Tv shows and series, as well as download free movies online on your Android smartphone.

Megabox HD

Megabox HD is considered the best alternative to Showbox because it has every feature and probably every movie that you would find on Showbox. Just as it is with Showbox, Megabox HD gives you access to download exclusive movies for free on your Android device.

Megabox HD movies

Megabox HD downloads

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Some time ago, I posted a list of reliable Showbox alternatives, but that list was incomplete because I failed to include the Megabox HD application which I now consider the best Showbox alternative. However, I urge you to check out the Showbox applications on the list as they all are unique with different functions, with each allowing you stream and download TV shows.

Megabox HD for Android

Most Showbox alternatives are not downloadable on Google Play store and this Megabox HD application follows the same rule. However, you can click on the link below to directly download Megabox HD apk on your Android device. Guess what? The apk size of the Megabox HD app for Android is just 2.2MB, amazing, isn't it?

Click here to download Megabox HD for Android



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