Mar 8, 2018

Jumia Mobile Week 2018 Discount Sales

Jumia is back again with her annual Mobile Week sales. As we all know, Jumia's mobile week is a discounted mobile sales promo where goods especially Phones and Tablets are sold at discounted prices.

Jumia mobile week 2018

This year's mobile week promo is still being sponsored by the same companies and organizations that sponsored it last year. Which means that you should expect lots of discounts on Tecno, Infinix, LG, Innjoo, Samsung, Fero, and even Apple smartphones.

The Jumia mobile week sales is usually a 7-day promo, this year wouldn't be an exception, though the promo would begin earlier. This year, the mobile week promo commences from 19th to 25th March, unlike last years' which was held from 24th to 30th April.

All you need to know about the 2018 Jumia Mobile Week

Jumia mobile week discounts

• The promo would run from 19th to 25th March 2018.

• Flash Sales would be available every midnight through the 7 days duration of the promo

• Lowest prices and discounts on Phones, Tablets, and Accessories

• 200,000 Naira Vouchers to be won on Jumia's Wheel of Fortune

• 2000 Naira off smartphones when you make your purchase with the Jumia app using the coupon code: WELCOME2JUMIA

• Over 1Million products would be discounted.

• Free and Fast Delivery to select Locations (E.g Lagos)

Note that the information above was officially announced by Jumia, but yet to be confirmed since the promo is yet to begin. However, I advise that you register your email now for deals notifications.

Last years' mobile week sales were quite disappointing as it didn't meet my expectations. However, I believe Jumia must have learned from that and would give us something worth remembering this year, even though a sneak peeks of the deals they plan to offer disputes this hope.

The sneak peek of the deals Jumia has in store this year is definitely not gonna get anyone excited, it's just a total mess. The names of the devices on the list are incorrect, the prices are false and the discounts are unreal.

Jumia mobile week 2018 sneak peek

The list says that the official price of last three years' Tecno W3 LTE is a whopping 328,000 Naira!!! Are they for real??? This is just one of the many mistakes you would find in the Jumia deals sneak peek above. I sincerely hope Jumia doesn't bring those mistakes into reality when the mobile promo starts because that's not gonna be fun at all.

Okay, guys, that's all I have to say about this year's Mobile week promo as we wait for it to commence. Be rest assured that more updates and posts would be made here as the promo goes on. I hope to hear your opinions too on this topic via the comments, at least you should say something about the price Jumia published for the Tecno W3 LTE. Keep it coming...



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