Oct 11, 2019

Confy Scenty Youtube Channel - For Your Tech Needs

Today is a good day for every ConTechBlog fan because you can now watch our tech guides, Android and PC tutorials, gadgets and accessories reviews, and gameplay videos live on YouTube by subscribing to the Confy Scenty YouTube channel.

Youtube Tech Channel

Lots of videos would be uploaded on the channel, including but not limited to; PC Tricks and Troubleshooting, Android tips and guides, Phone and Gadgets Review, Gameplay videos, game bug fixes and benchmarks, App Reviews, and every other Tech related topic.

Videos would also be made for articles that are written here which may require further explanation with visual guidance. This is to ensure that everyone is carried along and that no one is left behind.

I decided to create this channel because I discovered that not everybody understands how to fix issues by simply reading the procedure, most people would require physical or visual guidance.

Though pictures are attached to articles for easier understanding, some newbies may still not understand the procedure until they watch a video and then follow the steps gradually.

Tech videos on Youtube

If you ever find any guide discussed in an article posted here to be difficult, and unfortunately did not also find a video for it on our YouTube channel, you should immediately make a comment on that article requesting a video to be made for it.

We will make a video for the article you requested as soon as possible and a mail will be sent to notify you.

Remember, you can also submit your own video to be uploaded. When it is reviewed and found to be relevant it will be uploaded to our channel and you will definitely receive a mention/credit. Terms and Conditions apply.

Check our contact page for different ways to get in touch with us.

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Visit the channel and click on the bell icon beside the subscribe button so you will be notified when we upload new videos.



Confy Scenty is a Unique Tech Blogger whose aim is to make an impact in Technology. Tech is my passion, it is my calling and I'm always happy to answer to it.


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