Aug 9, 2016

How To Use Lucky Patcher To Purchase Items On Apps For Free

On my next post on Lucky patcher app, I would write on how to bypass license verification of apps, But today i write on a more important feature of this Lucky patcher app which is `How to purchase in app items for free`, this means you can buy items in apps and games on your android device for free using lucky patcher app.

How to use Lucky patcher

For those of us that use numerous apps on our Android phones, you would have surely used an app that has some very important feature locked to be purchased with Cash, Some apps also incorporate their Pro features into its Free version but they are sure to make it a `Paid for` feature, This way you are meant to pay before making use of those features.

Let go of your worries for a simple and convenient method to get those features without paying a dime has come with the use of the very Powerful Lucky Patcher app.

If you already have the lucky patcher on your device just open it, else make a Google search for it or email me for a confirmed link.
With the app open, click on Switches and set same as the Image below, make sure the green options on the image are green on your device then go back.

Now click the app you wish to make an In app purchase from the lucky patcher app list, Choose " Open Menu Of Patches" and select " Support Patch For In App and LVL Emulation " Make sure only the two first options are checked then click Apply and wait till it's through with patching the app.
Exit lucky patcher app and go open the your app from your apps menu, go to the In App Purchases Menu, Click to make your purchase and a lucky patcher window should popup, make show to select the 2nd and 3rd option and click Purchase. This process is also used for In app Purchases on Games.

You just Purchased that Premium version for Free, Continue to do same the last process to purchase all premium feature available on the app.
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