Aug 12, 2016

Simple Method To Flash ClockworkMod Recovery On any Rockchip 3088/3188 Device

Simple method to flash ClockworkMod recovery on all Rockchip 3188 and 3088 SoCs, Tested on Lenovo ideapad A10 and worked perfectly, see screenshot below.

How to install Clockworkmod recovery on Android


1. Download and Install Arktools apk ( Make a google search or mail me to get link )
2. Open it and under Install apps tab, Choose CWM recovery and click Download, after it`s downloaded, Install option should light up.
3. Click the lit up 'Install apps' option to install the recovery.
After Installation, You should now go to the Reboot Tab and choose 'Reboot Recovery' option and Reboot. Your device would now reboot to the newly installed recovery!

Follow the steps accordingly for best results.
This process works on Lenovo ideapad A10 device and on any Rockchip 3088 and 3188 Android device.



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