Aug 12, 2016

Who Is a BETA TESTER Of Apps

what is beta testing

Good Day Friends!
I just want to make something clear to Android App Users. When you use Google Play Store to download apps, you must have come across an option that reads "Become a Beta Tester For This App" at the bottom of the download page, I know most people may not really understand what that means, Anyways you are just about to know.

When App Developers make apps, The apps go through stages and tests before been published.
'Beta' is one of the stages apps go through, This stage is known to not yet been very stable and it's new features not yet confirmed working or relevant.

Beta Testers are needed to make some tests on the app and it's new features and give feedback to the developer on a bug or a suggestion with any feature on the app.
Becoming a Beta tester for an app gives you the privilege of trying out the apps new features before it's been published to the public.

As a Beta Tester, You are expected to give the apps developer feedback on your findings in the app.
You are also expected to download the latest Beta version of the app in order to try it out and give reliable feedback.
App Developers normally have a maximum number for there apps beta testers which simply means that not all apps open to be a beta tester for.

Do you think it's nice been a beta tester of an app?
Had any odd experience as an apps Beta Tester or have any app you want to Beta Test for?
Share your response using the comment box, your comments are appreciated.



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