Sep 10, 2016

Airtel Strikes Again; Increases Price Of 1.5Gb Night Plan To 200Naira

Airtel has done the expected as i had always known that they would one day increase the price of the lifesaving 1.5gb for 50Naira Night plan and now they have done just that by increasing the price for the plan to #200.

We all knew that Airtel were not to be trusted whenever it comes to cheap data as it is either the plan would be throttled, zapped or might not last for a week.

Anyways, Airtel did not increase the price for the 500mb plan as it is still sold for #25 and i think Airtel did this to retain customers, because if they had increased it many of their customers would pickup their MTN Sims and do their night bundle that still sells 500mb for 25Naira.

This increase in price would affect a lot of people including me as i regularly use the night plan to update my apps, and I don't think it is worth it- I mean buying a 1.5gb night plan for #200 as this was is the reason why most people complain and run away from Etisalat`s 1gb for 200Naira night plan.

For now I believe the Airtel 25Naira night plan would act as the new lifesaver until a better plan comes.
Remember you can sub for it with this used code- *312#.



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