Mar 10, 2017

How To Mention A Whatsapp Group Participant's Name In Your Massage

Social media is now part and parcel of every techies life this days and as such we strive to make sure we use all what its providing. Many do not known much about the social networks they make use of everyday and that's because they are either not informed or they don't want to explore.

Whatsapp at it's own end is a Social Media Giant, it is like the King of Social Networks in the village of Social Media.
Sometimes i do wonder if really there are still more users on Facebook than on Whatsapp because recently i noticed a sudden rise in the number of people using whatsapp and i believe that rise came when Whatsapp Peer to Peer groups started, so most people whom were interested to join this groups but weren't on whatsapp had to start using whatsapp so they could join, That's my view anyways.

Mark Zuckerberg is really working for his money, he deserves the money his making cause he brings out innovative ideas and implements them on his Social Networks ( Whatsapp and Facebook ). Every whatsapp update has a stunning new feature to offer, that's to say " Every Whatsapp Update was a Hit Back to Back "( Social Techies know what i mean, In fact it's a viral phrase ).

Let's checkout a feature that was released with one of the whatsapp updates some time ago, I mean the ability to Mention a group members name in your whatsapp massage..... You guessed it! Yes it only works on whatsapp groups, but why do you need to mention someone you're having a private chat with? Every massage you send to him refers to him, at least everyone is smart enough to know that.

This feature might in handy that moment you come online in a group and see some number of massages and you want to reply to one that was sent earlier, all you have to do is mention the person's name and type in your reply. That way the person you replied would know he/she is the one that reply is meant for.
Though whatsapp has also brought in a better style of replying to massages in a group by Quoting the massage you want to reply and then type in your reply, but that method works best when you want to reply a particular massage the user sent.
In a situation where you want to reply the user's views that wasn't sent as one massage then this "Mentioning" method would be your best bet.

How To Mention a User in your Reply

√ Goto the group you wish to reply the person
√ Type in @ and a list of all the whatsapp group participants would come up
√ Click on the user to mention
√ Now you can type in your reply

If your reply is 'Kudos' and the users name is 'Contechs' then your massage should look like the one below when you send;

@Contechs Kudos

Personally i prefer the user's name to appear after my massage and not before as it is above.
To have the users name come after your reply you just have to type in your massage first ( Don't send it yet ), Then you use the @ command and select the user to mention. That way you're massage would appear as below;

Kudos @Contechs

Hope you've learnt a few things from this post, keep in touch cause i would be sharing with you ' How you can tag and reply to a massage on Whatsapp '.
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