Mar 12, 2017

Hurry Now And Download Unlimitedly With Etisalat Remote Tweak On Tweakware Latest Version 5.8

This is the ultimate free browsing tweak we all have been waiting for, This one is really hot and it's a bomb!!! You need not to ask any questions cause this free browsing has solved all your data bundle needs.

Etisalat Remote Tweak is the hottest in town! It is infact the best free browsing 2017 has seen.
It is Free like Awoof, Fast like the Speed of Light and Unlimited like the Love i have for you guys!!!.

Just don't stay there looking at this post! Read every word in it so you can also start browsing unlimitedly like you're Mark Zuckerberg's Boss!, the procedure and steps to start enjoying this free browsing is discussed below.

How To Activate Etisalat Remote Free Browsing Tweak

1. Download and install Tweakware Version 5.8 from this Link

2. Make sure your Mobile Data is On and set to either 3G or 4G

3. Open the Tweakware all you installed and then click on Settings

4. While on settings, Scroll to the Remote Tweak and click on it, if successful it would pop up a massage that Remote tweak has been installed successfully.
Note that you would need about 500kilobyte of data to be able to download and install the remote tweak.

5. Go back to Tweakware Home Interface and select Remote Tweak as your preferred tweak.

6. Choose a Free Server or a Premium Server if you have a Tweakware Premium Account.

7. Hit the Connect button and once successful your tweakware would notify you of a successful connection, Now you are ready to start browsing, downloading and streaming videos like a Boss!.

To fully enjoy this free browsing without any free server restrictions you would have to pay 500Naira for a Tweakware Premium Account to enable you use the Premium Servers ( The servers with Golden Stars ).
Having a Premium Account would also guarantee you unlimited data bandwidth since it is unlimited unlike free servers that are capped at 350megabytes per server.

You can pay for your premium account by going to the link i provided for you to download the app by Register on the and making your payment and then you enter your login credentials into the app, more on this would be posted soon.

You can also purchase your premium account directly from the Tweakware app by clicking on Settings and then selecting Upgrade Account, you would be required to choose a payment method on Play Store and then you can input your Card details and make the payment, your account would be upgraded immediately and you can then use a premium server.


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