Jul 23, 2017

VivaVideo Pro Download Apk (Latest)

Vivavideo Pro is the best video editor app on   Android, it has all the features you would expect from a standard video editor app, however, it's free version has a five minutes video limit and a watermark that many people aren't comfortable with. One would have to buy the Pro version of the app on Google Play Store for some dollars to remove the watermark and video limit.

Vivavideo Pro apk
Vivavideo has been in existence for a long time and has become the favourite of many video editors for editing their videos, be it a weeding occasion, anniversary, birthday, comedy video, etc Vivavideo has got your back.

It has all the features you would need to make that your special video looks more special and classic, it gives you the option of different themes, fonts, transitions, effects, stickers, music etc.
Vivavideo is very easy to use because it has a very neat interface with all the options you need to be made boldly visible, it is also very fast in editing and processing your finished video.

Vivavideo apk

You wouldn't need an extra application to trim your videos, Vivavideo can trim your videos. You wouldn't have to worry so much if the video you want to edit has no sound, you can add sound to it with Vivavideo Pro.
Amazingly, you can add sound to your video through the mic of your phone while the video is playing, this is the feature I love most on Vivavideo Pro.

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Features Of VivaVideo Pro App
• Fast Editing
• Trim Video
• Add Text
• Add Effects
• Filter Video

• Loads of Preset Themes to suit any purpose.

• Add Background Music from the app or choose from your music folder.

• Lots of Sounds available in the app and you can talk into a video.

• Make Video With Pictures (Slideshow)

• Stores unfinished projects in a Studio directory so you can continue editing
from where you had stopped.

• Keeps a record of finished projects and gives you the option of using the effects, sound e.t.c on your next video.

All the features listed above are available on the free version but you would have to bear and stay within the limit of a 5 minute video, you wouldn't also like to export and share your videos with "Vivavideo" mark on it, that brings us to the limitless Pro version with no watermark or whatsoever .

We have provided this app to you for free to save you the cost of buying it from play store, Click here to download. The app size is 32.73MB .

We hope you enjoy using it, If any complications arise, you can talk to us via the comment box or check our Contact Us page for our contact info.



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