Jul 23, 2017

9Mobile Free Browsing Cheat Settings For Anonytun VPN

9Mobile free browsing cheat is currently working with the Anonytun VPN settings provided below, you can use this cheat to browse and download at 60MB cap per day. Remember that 9Mobile Nigeria is the new name for Etisalat so you don't get confused about the SIM to use for this 9Mobile free browsing, your old Etisalat Nigeria line still works.

9mobile free browsing cheat

This 9Mobile free browsing cheat with Anonytun VPN is the same as Etisalat's 0.0KB tweak, it also has similar settings to the Anonytun VPN settings for Glo cheat which has lasted for as long as we can remember and still blazing. This free browsing doesn't require any pre-activation neither does it cost a dime to get the requirements, except you were not a 9Mobile subscriber.

The Anonytun settings for 9Mobile free browsing has been explained below and is very easy to understand and setup. I believe we would soon crack a better tweak that would be unlimited rather than being limited to 60MB daily on 9Mobile, however, you can use this Glo unlimited free browsing with UC Mini Handler until our belief comes true.

Requirements: 9Mobile SIM without data and airtime
Location with good internet coverage
Anonytun VPN Apk - Download

Anonytun VPN Settings For 9Mobile Free Browsing
Download and Install Anonytun VPN and configure the application with the settings below;

✓ Select Stealth Settings and turn on Stealth Tunnel option
✓ Set Connection Protocol as the HTTP and Connection Port as 8080
✓ Click to turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
✓ Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers and setup with the below settings;

anonytun vpn settings for 9mobile

URL/Host: ent.nxtfwd.com/s/f/etisalat_ng#
Request method: POST
Injection method: Normal
Tick User Agent option
Click on Generate, save the settings and go back to the homepage.

9mobile 2017 free browsing

✓ Click the Connect button. Anonytun would connect in a few seconds and you can start browsing and downloading for free.

Click here to use this 9Mobile free browsing cheat on PC

I hope you enjoy and blaze this capped 9Mobile (Etisalat) free browsing cheat, keep checking back for unlimited data offers and tweaks! Do share and comment.



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