Jul 23, 2017

Download PdaNet Exe For Windows PC - Latest Version

Download the latest version of PDANet application for Windows in exe format. PdaNet is a very important application for anyone who owns both a PC and an Android device or smartphone, this is because it can be used to install drivers of any phone automatically on your computer and also tether your internet connection from your phone to PC.

PDANet for PC

PDANet is widely and mostly used for internet tethering from a mobile device to a PC, it is one of the simplest ways you can tether your phone's internet connection to your PC if you don't want to make use of a modem or use the regular USB tethering option. I also use it to install phone drivers on my PC easily.

Internet Tethering with PDANet can be done in three ways, which are;

  1. WiFi
  2. USB Connection
  3. Bluetooth

WiFi: The Wi-Fi method works like any other wifi internet connection but allows you to monitor the speed and the amount of data been used on the device you're tethering to.

USB Connection: This USB option seems to be the coolest for me, though it may not be the best option if you want a smart environment without​ cords around. But as I said earlier, it is the coolest option and I am sure you would agree with me on that when you read the info below.

PDANets's USB Tethering allows you to tether any free browsing cheat to PC for browsing and downloads, I guess that you now agree with my opinion.

You can't tether most free browsing tweaks to a computer, especially those that require the use of a VPN app on your android device, But USB tethering with PdaNet has made that possible​ and unlimited too without any setup on your PC.

Bluetooth: Works great and fast too but should only be used if you wish to save battery on your PC or when the two other mediums are not available. That is because it only works in a short-range and from my experience it is not as fast as the others.

PDANet Full Version

PDANET Download Link For Windows (Latest Version) Exe Format

Download and install the latest PDANet for your computer and enjoy all the wonderful features it comes with for free.

You don't necessarily have to download the mobile version for your Android device, all you have to do is install this windows version on your PC and connect your phone, follow the on-screen instructions and the PDANet application for mobile would be installed on your phone.

Your phone's drivers are automatically installed on your computer once PdaNet is installed on your phone via the computer. Once installed you would be able to flash, tether and install apps from your PC to your phone.

NOTE: PDANet Android Version has some pro features and allowances that you can use by unlocking the app with a special Serial Code that can be bought using FoxFi Key App.

Soon I shall share a Serial Code or a full Pro version of PDANet application here so make sure you continue checking back in order not to miss out on it.



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