Mar 26, 2017

Simplified Procedure To Log Into Your DomainKing Account And Transfer Your Domain

Hello guys. it's been a thing of worry for many bloggers who bought their domain from domainking since the website is no longer functioning, recently the website has some text on it which explains
that domainking would be back soon but they are currently not accepting payments nor even allow you to login to your account, this means that you won't be able to renew, transfer or even modify DNS settings of your domain.

This post is to clarify those of you that may not have understood what "Snr Techist Jide Ogusanya" had explained explained on his blog, with the procedures i would explain below you would be able to log into your domainking account through a portal hereby giving you the ability to change your dns, disable your domain's theft protection, privacy protection and also get your Epp which you would use to transfer your domain to another server.

Make sure you follow the steps carefully and if you run into difficulties you should use the comment box and i would personally help you login and move your domain.

Login To Your Account: 

Choose the "Forgot Password" Option

Enter the Email address associated with your domainking account
Click on 'Send Reset Instructions"

A mail would be sent to your mail with content as below:

A request to reset password was received from your Account - 09066582) from the IP - .
Use this link to reset your password and login.
Note: This link is valid for 1 hour from the time it was sent to you and can be used to change your password only once.
IMP: If you have not initiated this request, report it to us immediately.
For any support with respect to your relationship with us you can always contact us directly using the following Information.
Technical Support:
Tech Support URL:
Sales Contact:
Email Address:
Tel No.: 91.9646369965
Billing Contact:
Email Address:
Tel No.: 91.9646369965
DomainKing.NG Team
Tel: 91.9646369965

Follow the link on the mail to reset your password and move to step 2.

Visit the link in step 1 again, this time don't click on forgot password rather you would enter your email address and the password you just reset in the space provided and click on Login.
When logged in, navigate to "Manage Orders" and click on "List/Search Orders", your domain name/s would appear and then you can click on it to view or modify settings.

Now you have to disable some active functions on your domain for it to be easily transferable, there are 2 functions you need to disable and i would explain how you can disable them individually.

i. Disable Privacy Protection:

Once you're on your domain dashboard ( that is after following step 2 ), you would find out that there are different features enabled for your domain ( features with the Green indicator are active ), all you need to do is navigate to Privacy Protection, click on it and disable it by shifting the switch. The indicator should turn from green to gray indicating that the feature has been disabled.

ii. Disable Theft Protection:

Just as you have done for privacy protection, you simply have to locate and click on the Theft Protection option and tick the disable option to disable it, the indicator should turn gray.

Now that you have disabled these functions, you need to get your domain's Epp Code ( It would be required by the new registrar when you want to transfer your domain ).
Click on the "Domain Secret" option on your domain dashboard and it would popup a box in which you would find your Epp code, copy it down and keep it safe for when it would be needed.

With this i believe you are relieved of the thought of losing your domain when it expires since you wouldn't be able to renew it, you can now sleep with your mind at rest because with your Epp code you are able to transfer your domain to any registrar of your choice.

However, if your domain still has over 6 month's before it's expiry i advice you wait for Domainking to come back and probably renew your domain then, you should also be very smart when doing this else if you wait until your domain expires you wouldn't be able to transfer it since you won't be granted access to the domain dashboard, so you have to make sure you transfer your domain if domainking is not yet back when it's remaining about 2 months for your domain to expire.

Meanwhile you can still change the DNS Settings of your domain by using the "DNS Management" option on your domain interface, you can find it in the screenshot at the beginning of the post.

If you face any difficulties with the steps explained here just use the comment box and i would attend to you as soon as possible, if you also want me to assist you in moving your domain to any other registrar all you have to do is send an email to, I wish you the best of luck.



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