Apr 7, 2017

Check Your Blog Or Website Loading Speed With Google Pagespeed Tool

Blogging is an exciting process, it is something everyone would enjoy doing though it requires your determination and zeal for the niche you want to blog.
Blogging gets even better when it becomes your hobby, like when you would no longer feel comfortable if you don't blog for a single day. Then you are truly ready to face the heat of being a blogger.
How fast does your website load

Nevertheless, there are lots of things you might have to check as a blogger, one of which is the loading speed of your blog.
A very fast blog has lots of advantages which includes:

* Decrease in Bounce Rate; Most people do not have the patience of waiting a long time for a post to load, the next thing they do is use the back button and try another website and as we know, this increases your website bounce rate.

* Ads load faster which gives you more revenue; If you gone through AdSense Fags you would find out that they recommended that your blog should load very fast because the faster it loads, the faster your ads load.
I suppose it's the same thing with every other ad network so you just have to make sure your site loads very fast.

* Saves Data:  Yes a fast loading website saves data for both the site owner and the visitors, This is because there are files on the website that causes it to load very slowly, these files eats up the storage space on the website and also consumes the visitors data in order to load the files. Its is hereby advised that your files be compressed before uploading them to your site to save data and also maintain a good loading speed.

* Bots love fast loading sites: This surely isn't a myth, it has been discovered that your site gets indexed more faster if it has a good loading speed, moreover who wouldn't want to visit a fast loading site? even search engine bots loves to visit and crawl such sites.

That's all i can say now on the advantages of having a fast loading site, you can add yours using the comment box and also tell us if you disagree with any of the advantages i talked about here.

Now that you have known the advantages of a fast loading site, am sure you are already eager to know if your site loads up very fast or not.
Google has a tool for that, this tool ranks your site's loading speed from 1-100, where 100 is the fastest and 1 is almost unbearable.

Click here to use Google's Page-speed Tool

Enter your website URL e.g www.contechsblog.com and click the Analyze button, it shows your result in two tabs which are mobile and desktop. You just to touch the tab you want to view it's result.
It also shows and tells you what is slowing your website and how you can fix it, it is also very accurate.

Note that there are lots of factors that could be slowing down your website and these includes but not limited to the number of ads on a page, number and sizes of images you use on your blog post, lots of widgets on your pages, JavaScripts and CSS that has to be loaded before opening your web page etc.

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