Jul 23, 2017

Best Psiphon VPN For Torrenting And Private Browsing

Psiphon VPN has always been on the lips of many internet users because it secures online activities as well as make you anonymous. Though are lots of VPN for torrenting and private browsing, Psiphon Handler VPN happens to be the best VPN service for it because it is free and can be used in place of a hardware VPN.

It is the best option for those who do not have money to buy a VPN rather they prefer to use a free VPN service, it can be considered the best free VPN available and most secured when it comes to online activities such as torrenting, accessing blocked websites and having a substitute for a hardware VPN.

Psiphon VPN

Most of the times we get confused on the VPN application to use for our private browsing, even when our minds are made up for Psiphon which we believe is a secured VPN we still can not decide on the version that suits our needs.

I posted the download links for Psiphon 89 handler and Psiphon Pro 155 on Android, any of those can serve the purpose of a private virtual network, however I want to share with you the download links to three other versions of Psiphon VPN, the versions are the Psiphon Pro 163, Psiphon Pro Handler 142 and Psiphon 108 Handler.

Latest Versions Of Psiphon Handler VPN

1. Psiphon Pro 163

This is both a free and premium VPN, the free version has every feature and service the premium has but the downside of it is that it contains ads, so you have to upgrade by paying some amount of money to get the ad-free premium VPN.

Download Psiphon Pro 163 Apk (11MB)

2. Psiphon Pro Handler 142

Psiphon 142 Pro Handler

This version of the VPN can be used for free, it is even more secure with the inclusion of Google DNS and child lock features in it.
It is one of the most used Psiphon VPN apps because it is simple to set up and easy to navigate.

Download Psiphon Pro Handler 142 Apk

Psiphon 108 Handler

3. Psiphon 108 Handler UI

If you want a VPN application that connects fast and can access lots of servers for free then this might be the version you need.
Though there's nothing spectacular about this version of Psiphon VPN, it is worth giving a try when you're in need of a secured VPN service for torrenting or unlocking blocked websites without having to buy hardware or premium VPN.

Download Psiphon 108 Handler UI Apk

I believe that by testing the VPN apps listed here you may find a perfect one that suits your browsing needs and secures your data online, these VPN applications are free to use as I earlier said so you don't have to buy a VPN to browse anonymously on the internet.



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  1. @ admin, can u help us with the Glo settings for psiphone

    1. Maybe i should post that soon, however it is the same settings as uc mini handler for glo free browsing

  2. okay, I have uc mini, will use the settings. Nice work bro

    1. You're welcome, Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Replies
    1. Not yet, though we hope to have one soon.


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