May 27, 2017

How To Identify Fake And Original Infinix Hot 4 Smartphones

Fake Infinix Hot 4 devices are taking over the mobile market and for you not to fall victim to those fake dealers you should take note of the differences between the original hot 4 smartphone and these fake devices  that are also been sold as Infinix hot 4.

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Am glad this info is already all over the internet and i believe most of us must have already known about it so i won't waste any more time, let's quickly look below and learn how we can identify an original Infinix Hot 4 in the midst of the fakes.

Differences Between A Fake And Original Infinix Hot 4 Smartphone

  1. Earpiece Position: The original has it's earpiece placed at the far left of the phone while the fake has it's placed close to the center, see the picture below.
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  2. Position and Design of the Camera, Memory Card and other slots on the back of the phone: Take a close look at the image below and would notice lots of differences on the back of the original and fake Infinix hot 4.                                                                                                         
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  3. Difference In Lock-screen: There's a major difference in the display and control pattern of the lock-screen of both devices as shown in the picture at the beginning of this post, this is the first thing you should notice once you turn on the phone.
  4. Absence Of Infinix Custom Ui: If you've used more of Infinix phones in the past then you quickly notice that the fake Infinix hot 4 doesn't give you that look the original gives, moreover the software, model name and number are usually different, see the official specs of the original infinix hot 4 here, you can also take a look at the specifications and price of the latest Infinix Note 4.
  5. The Fakes are Cheaper: Don't buy any Hot 4 device that is offered to you at almost half the price of the original, You should only do so if it is on a Jumia Mobile Week promo day when it is understandable that the prices were officially slashed.
I believe you can't fall victim to any fake phone dealer since you've now known how to identify those fake devices at a glance, I wish you the best of luck.



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  1. nice and well thought article to expose all this fake and cloned Infinix hot 4 from unfair and greedy dealers

    1. yeah, those fake dealers have really caused havoc in the mobile market.


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