Jun 25, 2017

Download GTA 5 Android Apk + Data OBB File

GTA 5 android apk data and obb file is now available for download (though the download links aren't on this blog due to Copyright issues), so you can enjoy this latest grand theft auto v game on your android device for free. GTA 5 has been available on consoles and Windows PC for some time now its download links have just been released for Android along with its data and obb files.

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The version available for Android devices is tagged GTA V - Visa 2. it has improved features and graphics which many are said looks better than gta san Andreas.
Now am going to walk you through the installation procedures for this game after providing you with the download links for the necessary apk, obb and patch data file.

This game is categorized as action, shooter, thriller, adventure and role-play, it consists of different missions where you would use weapons, steal cars, fight gangs and roam the streets in free mode.
Grand Theft Auto 5 brings an improved gameplay with new choices of weapons which consists of guns, knives, armored cars, etc.

New cars and vehicles have been added to the game, you now get to fly helicopters, buy any car of your choice or better still steal one at wish, walk around and make friends around town, all these you can do on the HD display and good graphics you would find on gta 5 games.

GTA V5 Game Information

✓ Name: Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V)
✓ Developer: Rockstar North
✓ Publisher: Rockstar Games
✓ Distributor : Take-Two Interactive
✓ Producers: Leslie Benzies, Imran Sarwar
✓ Designers: Leslie Benzies, Imran Sarwar
✓ Programmer: Adam Fowler,
✓ Artist: Aaron Garbut
✓ Writers: Dan Houser, Rupert Humphries
✓ Composers: Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson
✓ Genres: Action-adventure, third-person shooter
✓ Modes: Single-player, multiplayer
Series Grand Theft Auto, GTA Online
✓ Platforms: PlayStation 3, 4, Xbox, Windows, Android

GTA V Visa 2 Android Features

gta v obb file
  1. HD Display: The HD display of gta games is one of the most interesting things about them, it is actually the reason why many people love grand theft auto games, you get to play and feel the adventures of the game character as though it was real.
  2. Lots Of Weapons: The availability of different weapons in the game makes it cool for everyone who wants to play an action game on his android phone or tablet.
  3. Different Kinds Of Vehicle: Driving all day long is one of the reasons most people play gta android games, I once tried coming to my country with a limousine while playing gta vice city, of course, i didn't succeed but I sure enjoyed riding around town. Vehicles available on this game includes helicopters, police cars, bikes, SUVs, Taxi, buses, sports cars and many others.
  4. Easy Control System: GTA 5 on Android is very easy to control and play with it's optimized control pattern that makes you don't want to stop playing, though you may find it a little bit hard riding cars but with time you would get the hang of it.
  5. Intro Scenes: Actually intro scenes are the main reason I love playing gta games on pc, android, PlayStation, Xbox and every other it's available on, those scenes help you get a better understanding of the game's plot.
Android System Requirements

There are standards your phone has to meet in order to play this game without lags, these requirements are;
  • At least 1GB RAM, though it can still be played on a device with less.
  • Not less than 5GB free memory on either phone or SD card storage
  • Android 4.2 Jellybean and above
  • Over 60% available battery because you're about to play one of the best android games ever.

Note that Links to the GTA v files have been removed from this blog because they do not comply with Google's file sharing and copyright policies".

Follow the steps below to install the game (when downloaded from an official source)

1. Extract and move the OBB file folder to "SDCard>Android>Obb" folder
2. Extract the downloaded gta 5 android apk data file to "SDCard>Android>Data>" folder
3. Install the GTA 5 apk on your phone and you can start playing the game, Enjoy.

gta 5 android apk data

What's good about GTA 5 Visa 2?

* Interesting storyline
* Cool 3 characters switching option
* Better graphics and character responsiveness
* Looks real with oceans, blue sky, mountains and others
* Bigger map for better navigation
* GTA Online is cool and fun filled
* Addictive game for any gender


* Huge data and OBB file size
* Melee combat is sometimes boring
* Limited music option
* Inability to rob banks
* Gangs aren't much to make trouble with
* Wanted stars takes a little bit of time to go off
* Malfunction that allows Cops see through walls sometimes

Disclaimer: This game is not shared to promote crime, bullying or misconduct, rather it is only for fun and entertainment purposes. Also, No download link for this game was provided on this blog due to copyright issues.


Hope you enjoy playing this game and as usual, you can contact me if you face any problem while installing or downloading the game. Share this post to your friends so they could also get to play this latest gta 5 android game and can catch good fun with it.



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